Dress for Success

Make sure you are dressed to impress in 2015 with these basic do’s & don’ts of proper business dress.

When and How To Wear Hats

When and how to wear hats in the office is very important #InnovativeDress4Success

To be honest, whenever I think of hats I think of one of my favorite movies, “Bringing Up Baby,” in which Kate Hepburn wears a lot of, um, interesting hats. Oh, and I think of that show “Blossom,” also. But let’s not let my mild dislike of … Read More...

A Simple Guide on Dress Shoes

After reading this simple guide on dress shoes, you will be one step closer to looking like a million bucks #InnovativeDress4Success

There is nothing that will make you look more stylish and give you a confidence boost like a nice pair of shoes. Every man needs a few pairs of great dress shoes for the unavoidable occasions that will call … Read More...

Tattoos no longer a kiss of death in the workplace

In this day and age tattoos no longer a kiss of death in the workplace #Dress4Success

“Now you’re never going to get a job!” Almost everyone in the 14% pool of tattooed Americans has heard something like this from a relative or friend. But as the number of inked Americans grows, is the traditional assumption that tattoos and jobs … Read More...

11 Best Hairstyles for Work

Every woman needs to pay attention to her appearance. The big part of it is how your hair looks. If you’re having troubles deciding which hairstyle to wear for work tomorrow, check out these 11 best hairstyles for work #Dress4Success

Remember that how your hair looks tells a lot about what kind of person you are. This is especially important … Read More...

The Most Expensive Suits and Tuxedos in the World

Have you ever wondered what the The Most Expensive Suits and Tuxedos in the World would look like? Then wonder no more. Here we have a look at just than #Dress4Success

In formal affairs like weddings, proms and cruises, the tuxedo is still the way to go. It is safe, formal and stylish. A typical tuxedo usually has satin facings … Read More...