Innovative Gadgets

The world of electronics. New and innovative gadgets that are hitting the market place. For all of those techno junkies out there.

Pentel the awesome Airpen

The latest product by Pentel is thePentel the awesome Airpen #InnovativeGadgets

It is not just a pen, but a unique digital pen that is capable of transmitting characters and images drawn on a paper directly onto a computer or mobile phone’s display using wireless technology. This specially designed digital pen features Bluetooth connectivity option, and 2 MB of built-in memory, … Read More...

The DocuScan

Another item in our list of cool office gadgets is The DocuScan #InnovativeGadgets

It’s a portable document scanner that is sleek, compact in design and very easy to use. As an all in one color scanner, this unit scans photos, documents, objects and converts them into a digital form instantly. Once the scan is finished, the digitized form of the … Read More...

Mix Tape USB

Be the talk of the office and rock up to your next meeting sporting this awesome Mix Tap USB #InnovativeGadgets

In the times before downloadable music and MP3 players, anyone could record compilations of their favourite music to blank cassette tapes and create their own mix tapes. The USB Mix Tape and Case is ideal for anyone who misses creating … Read More...

Web Mug Gadget

The Web Mug Gadget, yip your read that correctly. Who said you could not have your cake and eat it at the same time #InnovativeGadgets

Well in this case it’s more like you can order your coffee while you drink it. unfortunately at this time there has not been a whole lot of technical specification released yet on this cutting … Read More...