Desroches Hotel

– Keith Garnet Millar, General Manager – Desroches Hotel.

“I was in a meeting regarding the Bike Week yesterday where many key stakeholders were present. I was asked publicly as how Desroches Hotel was managing to out-perform all other accommodation outlets in Margate coming in 3 and 2 and sometimes 1 on the Google Rankings – brilliant stuff

I was also asked publicly as to how we are getting ourselves “so out there” by being “all over” social media and how our ratings and rankings are just climbing. I am pleased to say that I managed to give Innovative Marketing a good plug yesterday and I have it on good authority that you are about to be getting one or two more big clients – don’t forget us on your way up!

The team here at Desroches are also to be complimented for these great reviews with specific reference to Housekeeping and F&B departments.

I am loving working with all of you, these two hotels I firmly believe we have a wonderful future ahead of us!

A sincere thank you to all of you once again” 


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