Google Nap Pods

What could be better than Google Nap Pods at the office #InnovativeGadgets 

Google employees certainly get a lot of cool perks. In addition to being able to eat gourmet food for free at their Googleplex headquarters, located in Mountain View, California. It appears some employees putting in long hours are even allowed to nap using some pretty cool high-tech sleep pods in order to recharge themselves.

These special sleep stations are called EnergyPods and were created by a company called MetroNaps. The EnergyPod is said to use NASA science to help people get their energy back when they need to catch some quick shuteye. It does this by surrounding the occupant in a private space, shutting out any external stimulus, and reclines them in the optimum resting position to provide maximum blood flow throughout their body.

In addition to this, the EnergyPod includes a built-in Bose music system for those that like relaxing music to drift off to sleep with, and the timer system gently wakes the occupant using light and vibration when it is time to get up. So in other words, this not your ordinary living room recliner when you want to get in a nap.