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Innovative Marketing has been taking over the web since working silently on various welfare campaigns and has recently taken their expertise by offering their services to the public in 2014 by Judd and Claudia Sherrin.

We know that it takes more than just hard work to get the job done. But more importantly we understand it’s not only about getting the job done but getting it done right. The team is made up of professional experts from a vast range of marketing fields across multiple industries. We are all about offering outstanding service that matches the return on investments our clients receive. At Innovative Marketing, creativity and pure brilliance flow through our veins and we pride ourselves in putting the same level of respect and love into the businesses our clients have built.

Doing things exceptionally and to the highest standard does not mean it needs to be expensive. We are professional and cost-effective in our services offering a variety of packages that are customisable to suite your needs and more importantly your budget. We make success affordable and give clients maximum exposure and value at a minimum price.


At Innovative Marketing our core mission and drive is to always offer outstanding online marketing services and solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We strive to be the best in our industry through our amazing service that is only rivaled by our affordable pricing. It is with this vision, mission, core belief and values that we will achieve and far exceed our ambitious goals.

Q: Is Social Media Measurable?
A: Yes, Innovative Marketing use cutting edge software that give real-time, in-depth statistics and reports.

Q: Will the content be relevant?
A: Absolutely! Before any content goes live, its relevancy to your company and marketing strategy is scrutinised, the same applies to the quality of the content.

Q: Should my social media marketing be time-bound?
A: Occasionally: When it comes to specific campaigns, competitions, promotions, product launches and so forth.

Q: Should there be a time frame that I will be using social media as a marketing tool?
A: Brand growth, visibility, exposure, communication and engagement are not goals. They form part of your company’s objectives, vision, or values

Q: Will my social media goals be attainable?
A: With Innovative Marketing managing your online reputation – anything is possible!


Even though we are a creative online marketing company who encourage out of the box thinking, we know the importance of structures and flows that allow us to make the entire process run smoothly. The marketing process that we follow is a flawless design that enables us to truly think innovatively. We follow this process with every client:

  • Analysis and Strategise

    analysis2It is through comprehensive analysis and market specific research that we are able develop a distinct online presence for each client. During our analysis, we gain an understanding of what our client wants and where they fit into their industry. This is the starting point from which every other aspect flows, there is constant communication between all heads of department to ensure cohesion in the strategy. We also conduct thorough competitive research so that we are able to build an effective and comprehensive marketing plan that will place our clients above their competitors.

  • Implementation

    implementation2Only once all aspects are signed off by the client, our development team implements and integrates them to create your dream marketing plan. We also use the data we gather through analytics in our marketing strategy and in search engine optimisation, where we implement high converting keywords in content and articles that will bring valuable, organic traffic through to the site.

  • Quality Assurance

    quality2On a regular basic we conduct quality assurance checks for our clients. This ensures that every product and service we deliver from the SEO to the sales strategies run in a flawless manner and is exactly what our clients want.


  • Maintenance

    maintainance2Online marketing is a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving, and the needs and wants of consumers change by the hour. With our continual analysis you are assured to be kept up-to-date with digital trends. Your visibility and relevance will consistently produce leads and results. This maintenance encompasses all aspects of our service offering – from site upkeep to reputation management, rest assured we cover it all.