North Coast digital presence and social media marketing

As I am sure you are aware; Innovative Marketing recently spent some time away, evaluating the KZN North Coast digital presence and social media marketing.

The long and short of our findings was we can all hold our heads high and proud.

We were surprised at the lack of a digital presence for business’ that we evaluated. In the odd case when a business had a presence, it was poorly managed and extremely dated (in our opinion). Business locations on maps took us to wrong places and the list just carries on.

Another reason for our trip was to do some food blogging and restaurant reviews, which was an amazing success and an exciting initiative we look forward to implementing right here on the South Coast. If you would like to see what we go up to in this regard, you can view our food blogging page by clicking here.

Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have recently updated their algorithms, layout, and profiles as well, and your platforms have been updated accordingly. We are about to roll out more interactive posts and incorporate newly added styles of posts online (such as polls, Facebook carousel ads, Instagram highlights, milestones – to name a few). So, keep an eye out for this!

On a closing note, we would like to thank you, our loyal clients for allowing us the opportunity of putting the KZN South Coast on the map to show the rest of the province, country, and world what our amazing piece of paradise has to offer.

We believe with your support, and our combined continued efforts, tourism will increase which will benefit us all!

In addition, locals are also gaining a greater insight on what all is on offer to them right on their doorstep.

We can’t wait to roll out our next innovative idea and keep your business’ digital presence growing from strength to strength. 

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