Gold Marketing Package

(50+ Hours per month) – Advanced Digital Presence

Comprehensive digital marketing solution for small, medium and large companies looking to grow their company’s footprint through digital marketing that will reap a good return on investment.

Social Media
All mediums will be cross-marketed and hyper/linked to each other.

  • Creating, populating and maintenance.
  • Monthly blogging and communications with other related industries via social media.
  • Three daily communication checks with followers.
  • Stat reporting every 3 months.
  • Create/ manage on Google Maps + iMaps
  • Posts will be structured between all social media sites creating traffic to website:
    • Specials/ promotions
    • Industry related news
    • Fun Facts
    • Interactive videos and pictures

5X Themed Digital flyers/ promos created.
4X Themed Covers for social media platforms created.
2X Marketing campaigns per year
3X Press releases (1 every fourth month)
11X Shares on other Facebook pages weekly
Social Media Email Signature.

  • Facebook – 20 p/m
    Analytic research @ high traffic times will be selected.
    5 posts per Week.
  • Twitter – 20 p/m
    Creating trends through relevant industry and company news using the trending # to create key words for reports.
    5 posts per Week.
  • Google+ – 20 p/m
    Perfect for a more business minded social media user.
    5 posts per Week.
  • LinkedIn – 4 p/m
    Links to CEO, CFO, HODs and many more decision makers.
    1 posts per Week.
  • Instagram – 12 p/m
    Ideal for selected product features.
    3 posts per Week.
  • Pinterest – 12 p/m
    Visual discovery tool used to find ideas for all projects and DIY.
    3 posts per Week.
  • YouTube
    Second most used search engine in the world.
    1 Original Video created every fourth month.
    Additional videos will be quoted on.

Website (WordPress ONLY)

  1. Redirecting from social mediums to website (main goal).
    • Traffic monitoring.
  2. Optimisation | SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    • Google Analytic installation and registration:-
      • Reports sent every 6 months
      • Google Web Master Tool:-
        • Used to refine and optimise your site for Google search bots.
        • Remove all harmful malware that negatively affect search results.
        • Identify your key words and optimising your google ranking.
  1. Maintenance – 5 Posts per week


Additional services available

  1. Advert Design:
    • Social media advertising and management
    • Flyers and posters
  2. Monthly Newsletters and database management.
  3. PR Event Coverage
  4. Mobile App development.
  5. Corporate Wine Bottles.
  6. Corporate Identity Development:
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Email Signature
  7. Video Advertising Solution.

Gold package pricing email 


Basic artwork is included. For any special campaigns, competitions and features, design can be done at a minimal additional charge. Minimum of a six month contract. Monthly payment due no later than 5th of each month.