Silver Marketing Package

(35+ Hours per month) – Moderate Digital Presence

Comprehensive digital marketing solution for small, medium and large companies looking to grow their company’s footprint through digital marketing that will reap a good return on investment.

Social Media
All mediums will be cross-marketed and hyper/linked to each other.

  • Creating, populating and maintenance.
  • Monthly blogging and communications with other related industries via social media.
  • Twice a day communications with followers.
  • Stat reporting every 4 months.
  • Create/ manage on Google Maps + iMaps
  • Posts will be structured between all social media sites creating traffic to website:
    • Specials/ promotions
    • Industry related news
    • Fun Facts
    • Interactive videos and pictures

4X Themed Digital flyers/ promos created
3X Themed Covers for social media platforms created
1X Marketing campaign per year
8X Shares on other Facebook pages weekly
Social Media Email Signature.

  • Facebook – 16 p/m
    Analytic research @ high traffic times will be selected.
    4 posts per Week.
  • Twitter – 16 p/m
    Creating trends through relevant industry and company news using the trending # to create key words for reports.
    4 posts per Week.
  • Google+ – 16 p/m
    Perfect for a more business minded social media user.
    4 posts per Week.
  • LinkedIn – 3 p/m
    Links to CEO, CFO, HODs and many more decision makers.
    1 per week for 3 weeks.
  • Instagram – 8 p/m
    Ideal for selected product features.
    2 posts per Week.
  • Pinterest – 8 p/m
    Visual discovery tool used to find ideas for all projects and DIY.
    2 posts per Week.
  • YouTube
    Second most used search engine in the world.
    1 Original Video created every 6 months.
    Additional videos will be quoted on.

Website (WordPress ONLY)

  1. Redirecting from social mediums to website (main goal).
    • Traffic monitoring.
  2. Optimisation | SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    • Google Analytic installation and registration:-
      • Reports sent every 6 months
      • Google Web Master Tool:-
        • Used to refine and optimise your site for Google search bots.
        • Remove all harmful malware that negatively affect search results.
        • Identify your key words and optimising your google ranking.
  1. Maintenance – 4 Posts per week


Additional services available

  1. Advert Design:
    • Social media advertising and management
    • Flyers and posters
  2. Monthly Newsletters and database management.
  3. PR Event Coverage
  4. Mobile App development.
  5. Corporate Wine Bottles.
  6. Corporate Identity Development:
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Email Signature
  7. Video Advertising Solution.

Silver package pricing email 


Basic artwork is included. For any special campaigns, competitions and features, design can be done at a minimal additional charge. Minimum of a six month contract. Monthly payment due no later than 5th of each month.