Powering up at Superbodies

Innovative Marketing is powering it up at Superbodies!

Superbodies is an owner-run and family orientated health club with a very hands-on approach for all aspects of the business.

Established since 1999, with the current owners,  Superbodies has been a reputable and trusted business for over 25 years!
With a team of floor instructors, personal trainers and options of branches in both the Port Shepstone and Margate areas,
this organisation offers such a wide range of equipment and classes which include the following:

Cardio: Bicycles, Treadmills, Ergometers, Ellipticals,  Arc Trainers and Steppers.
Classes: Tae-bo, Zumba, Spinning, Pilates, Step, Body conditioning & Boot Camp
Free weights AND Resistance Machines
Circuit Area
Friendly Floor Instructors
Personal Trainers
Saunas (Port Shepstone) and Steam-Rooms (Margate)

We offer the Largest Selection of Cardiovascular  and selectorised equipment
on the South Coast.

We are all about making you the best version of yourself. At Superbodies Port Shepstone we create a family feeling and feed the need to raise the bar! Call or join today to give yourself and your family the opportunity to shape your futures into a fitter, healthier option 039 682 1482 | www.superbodies.co.za | superbodies@telkomsa.net

Connect with us by sharing your motivational pics and success stories, and don’t forget to check-in #SuperbodiesPS

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