Read some of the testimonials that Innovative Marketing has received from our clients.

“We at Margate Furnishers would like to say how much we appreciate your enthusiastic happy approach keeping our website fresh and exciting.  Your attention to detail, professionalism and new up-to-date ideas ensure that we are ‘out there’ for our would-be customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Jenny McGregor, Owner – Margate Furnishers

“The owners of Seabrook are so envious of the progress made by Dumela since your intervention. Good luck and congratulations on your award.  We are very proud of you and Judd.” – Brenda Blumrick, Letting Agent – Seabrook Holiday Flats

“Thank you for everything you have done so far, very impressed.” – Trevor Blows, Owner – Lamp Utopia.

“Thank you Innovative Team. You always do amazing things for us. You Too, have a lovely day.” – Jenny McGregor, Owner – Margate Furnishers.

“Thank you so much for all the beautiful designs that you have worked on for me over the last few months. As I review my now very visual board report, I’m proud to say it makes a great impression, not least because of your great designs and creativity! Thank you.” – Kay Robertson, GM: Marketing & Events for South Coast Tourism.

“Your team ROCK” – Vicky Wentzel, event co-ordinator of the South Coast Bike Fest 2017.

“Dear Innovative Marketing

Just a word of gratitude for all you do for Must-Byt Fishing Charters pertaining to our Social Media Platform.  Always being Pro Active, meeting on a regular basis and constant communication to ensure we as a client is happy with content.

Doing a great Job – Thank you” – Madeleine De Klerk – Must Byt Fishing Charters.

“From a social marketing perspective I’ve been sitting on the side-line for a while trying to figure out if this will benefit my company or not. I started by opening my business Facebook and Twitter account. From what I’ve learned from friends and the internet this was going to be a breeze. I now just have to stay active on these two platforms and post something daily.

It went well for the first month or so and then I realised this is stagnating. The ideas in my head was gone and the time to design and write new posts has tripled. I soon realised that I was all alone in this huge world of social media. Things were just happening around me and I found myself sitting on the side-line again.

I started looking at companies who does this type of work and found lots. I starting setting up meetings and even had people from other provinces trying to sell me their product but couldn’t find what I was looking for. At that time I just needed someone who fully understand the social media advertising space and help me to gain business from that.

So I found Judd and Claudia and in our first meeting I was hugely impressed with the positive bubbling attitudes and a clear passion for what they are doing. They had it all figured out and what was more impressive is that they made it clear that it’s not going to happen overnight. I could relate to that since I’ve tried before for a short period and went backwards.

I’t a long term strategy to become visible online. I was again impressed with this because nobody else told me this.

In the first two months with Innovative Marketing I learned so much about social media and there was so many hours of hard work they put in.

I can honestly say that they are brilliant in what they do and with their long term plan to take my company to the next level, I just thought, why did I leave this for so long without acting.

They sell you a working solution and their customer service is great.” – Jan Landsberg – Solterra KZN.

“I was in a meeting regarding the Bike Week yesterday where many key stakeholders were present. I was asked publicly as how Desroches Hotel was managing to out-perform all other accommodation outlets in Margate coming in 3 and 2 and sometimes 1 on the Google Rankings – brilliant stuff

I was also asked publicly as to how we are getting ourselves “so out there” by being “all over” social media and how our ratings and rankings are just climbing. I am pleased to say that I managed to give Innovative Marketing a good plug yesterday and I have it on good authority that you are about to be getting one or two more big clients – don’t forget us on your way up!

The team here at Desroches are also to be complimented for these great reviews with specific reference to Housekeeping and F&B departments.

I am loving working with all of you, these two hotels I firmly believe we have a wonderful future ahead of us!

A sincere thank you to all of you once again” – Keith Garnet Millar, General Manager – Desroches Hotel.

“Thanks for the great service!” – Amanda Somerville, Office Manager – INKman.

“Its a pleasure working with Innovative Marketing – Shona Aylward, Journalist – The Herald Newspaper.

“You guys really know what you are doing, your business is a real asset to the South Coast!” – Paul Jeffreys, Owner – Wild 5 Adventures.