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Article An authentic American Smokehouse Experience

The Blue Parrot Smokehouse offers its guests an authentic American Smokehouse Experience right here in Sunny South Africa!

Located in the quaint and welcoming town of Randfontein, you will find the local treasure that is the Blue Parrot Smokehouse. Just be sure to bring your passport because your pallet is going to be taking a sensation taste journey like no other!

The only thing that is better than the food at the Blue Parrot Smokehouse has got to be its passionate and entertaining owner and smoke master Dirk Wessels. He is the mastermind behind this one of kind dining experience. I say experience because that is exactly what it is! This is not your one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter-style restaurant.

The God Father Burger


Thoughtfully designed and set up with the community and family-style entertainment in mind.

There is a beautiful outdoor alfresco dining area, with shaded and covered seating areas. As well as a sparkling swimming pool, children’s play area with a jungle gym and swing and many other amenities to keep the little ones entertained.

The stage caters for live music performances. Guests are also spoilt to a front-row seat to the smoker, where you can watch chef Dirk working his magic with their incredible smoker, first hand.

The aroma from the smoker is simply indescribable. Imagine the smell you get when your neighbour is braaing… Now multiple that by 100. Dirk’s engagement with the guests and his true love and passion for what he does makes it a very theatrical and entertaining experience.

No matter where you look, all you see are huge smiles all around! It’s a place that just welcomes and embraces happiness that is contagious!

An indoor area that is ideal for larger events, like a family gathering, engagement parties or corporate functions.

If I had to sum it up I would have to say that the Blue Parrot Smokehouse has something for everyone!

I must also make mention that they take their patron’s safety very seriously and make sure to adhere to all Covid precautions.


A 5-Stars rating simply does not do them justice in this regard. Guests satisfaction and happiness are of the utmost importance to the staff and Dirk. This can not only be seen but also experienced in everything they do!

This is not a restaurant where the staff simply check in with you because they have to. At the Blue Parrot Smokehouse when the staff engage with you its because they have a true interest in how your experience is going.

To put it into perspective, they can tell you about the grade of your meat, what it was fed and exactly what farm it was sourced from. There is a constant willingness and effort from everyone to make sure you feel welcomed and are comfortable!

Being owner run and managed there is that extra level of attention to detail.




The worst part about this menu is deciding what you want to sink your teeth into!

We had the distinguished honour and privilege of having renowned and smoke master chef extraordinaire Dirk Wessels join us. His culinary and smoking experience is beyond belief! I would say his skill is only matched by his passion!

The menu is a reflection of Dirk’s passion for delivering a unique taste experience in every well thought out dish they offer!


Keeping true to the American smokehouse vibe and aesthetic, their no-nonsense pretentious free presentation is perfectly suited to the overall experience. Having said that, their plating does a phenomenal job of highlight the meal!

The dishes are vibrant, welcoming and a visual sensation to behold. Be prepared to have your mind blow when your dish arrives in front of you!


Smoking is a philosophy that the Blue Parrot Smokehouse does not only embrace, it’s something they celebrate! This comes across in all their dishes whether it be something a subtle as their in-house smoked mayonnaise or something as decadent and extravagant as their slow-smoked T-Rex ribs or melt in your mouth slow-smoked brisket and chicken!

Their extensive menu has a mouthwatering dish that is sure to satisfy every pallet. From pizzas to sharing combos. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Their over the top milkshakes include unique flavours including a vanilla Candy Floss that was simply to die for! Make sure you enquire on the day as they have new limited edition creations coming out all the time.



Sharing platter for the table – This Smörgåsbord of mouthwatering smokie delights could feed a small army and was the perfect way to open our appetite for the feast that was to come. Our specific platter included their legendary in house-made beef smoked Russians, succulent smoky Chicken that was tossed in their unique sweet and sticky bbq sauce. Juicy and flavour-packed meatballs, perfectly fried cheese and jalapeno rissoles, crispy and buttery garlic bread and yes the garlic was smoke and to die for! This was all accompanied by golden french fries and garlic and chive aioli and sensational tomato relish.

If I could buy their relish in a 50-litre drum I would!


JUICY LUCY BURGER 1 x 250g pure meat patty stuffed with cheese, grilled to ooze in your mouth. Topped with more cheese, bacon and avo all smashed between a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion and their secret may and BBQ sauce!

It was like a classic burger that spent its life doing cross-fit LOL! Absolutely amazing from the first to the last bite!

Juicy Lucy Burger

STEAMPUNK BURGER – 4 x 100g patties layered with sliced cheese, mushroom sauce and grilled onions on their brioche bun (no garnish).

This was like an amazing smash burger on top of another smash burger, on top of another smash burger, on top of yet ANOTHER smash burger! You get the point? All we can say is this is one SMASHING good burger!

GODFATHER BURGER 1 x Juicy Lucy patty topped with cheese and bacon. 2 x 100g patties topped with cheese and more bacon, topped with a monster 500g T-Rex smoked beef rib topped with chillies and cheese sauce all on a brioche bun.

The total weight of this behemoth burger was well over 1.2kg. I am getting the meat sweats just thinking about this bad boy again!

This beast is just complete madness, in all the right ways! Be warned this humongous burger is not for the faint-hearted! When it arrives it will be one of those moments that you will be speachless in life! I must be honest and admit the GODFATHER got the better of me. But I loved every single bite! Juicy, tender, smokey and simply scrumptious!

SURF & TURF 400g Matured (35 days min) perfectly marbled Rib Eye steak grilled to perfection. Topped with lemon and garlic butter grilled Langoustines accompanied by a seductive sauce of your choice (mushroom, garlic, cheese or a combination) served with Golden French Fries.

The best of both worlds. Dirk brought out the Rib Eye to show us before it got smoked and grilled to perfection and the marbling on the steak was phenomenal! Once cooked the steak was melt in your mouth tender and could be cut with a spoon. The Langoustines fell out of their shells and the combination of garlic and butter was the perfect marriage for these crustaceans.


Saying you have not lived until you have spent a day at Blue Parrot Smokehouse would be an understatement! This is a one of a kind taste sensation. The overall experience is definitely something we would highly recommend! We enjoyed our experience and would do it again in the blink of an eye.

Make a reservation to experience this American smokehouse today!

For more information or to make your reservation we invite you to visit their website or contact them: | 074 258 7921 |

We would also encourage you to check out their incredible social media platform to be kept up to date on all their news and specials. They also host a market on the last Saturday of every month as well as local music talent every Sunday. Finally, they also run incredible local beer and wine tastings. So make sure you check them out today!


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