Website design and development sign off between Innovative Marketing SA™️ and Brenda Blumrick - ( Zest Holidays cc )

CLIENT : Brenda Blumrick


DATE : 06/27/2022

Dear Brenda Blumrick. We’re ready to go live!

Please review your website and proofread all content carefully prior to

completing this form.


I confirm the following:

  • I have proofread the site and confirm that I am happy to go live with the current design and content.
  • I have tested the site functionality, including testing all contact and subscription forms. I am happy for them to go live as is.
  • I have tested all links and am happy they are working as they should.
  • I understand the ongoing costs for the website hosting are my responsibility.
  • I understand once it is live the site will be found by search engines and any content not behind a paywall may appear in search results.
  • I understand I have 1 month of maintenance included, and after my maintenance period has expired I can purchase a monthly maintenance pack or maintain the site myself.
  • I understand I have 2 weeks from launch for any tweaks and thereafter any further changes to the website will incur additional costs.

By signing the below, you confirm all of the above and authorise the website to go live.

Everyone should keep a copy of this signed document for their records.

Approved by CLAUDIA SHERRIN and on behalf of Innovative Marketing SA™️

Please type your full name below, and sign in the large box underneath using your stylus, your mouse, or your finger to authorise the contract. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms as mentioned above. After the document is signed, you can proceed to print it.

Client Information

Signed by Brenda Blumrick on Mon Jul 04 2022 16:22:51 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time)
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