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Article Exploring the Gems of Boland Cellar

We enjoyed exploring the gems of Boland Cellar, an absolute wine lover’s delight.

If you’re looking for an easy yet refined selection of wines to add to your collection and drinking rotation you have come to the right place! 🍷

Boland Cellar offers an exquisite range including something for every palate.

We had the pleasure of meeting them at the Mzanzi Food & Drink Show as well as the opportunity to indulge in five of their standout wines, and trust us, they deserve a spot in your collection.

Let’s dive in!

Boland Cellar Reserve Arum Lily Chenin Blanc 2022

Boland Cellar Wine

This Chenin Blanc is a symphony of ripe melons, stone fruits, and tropical flavours. With a creamy richness thanks to its traditional ‘Sur Lie’ method, it pairs beautifully with grilled seafood or a fine selection of soft cheeses. A must-have for any Chenin Blanc lover!

Plus, it’s priced at around R160, making it a steal for its quality​ (​​ (OneDayOnly).


Boland Cellar Melita Shiraz Light 2023

Boland Cellar Wine

This Shiraz is a delightful surprise! Soft and elegant, it dances on your palate with ripe blackcurrant, spices, and plums. Perfect for a cosy evening, it’s both sophisticated and approachable.

Priced at approximately R100, it’s an affordable luxury you can’t miss​ (


Boland Cellar Cappupinoccinotage Pinotage 2023

Boland Cellar Wine

If you’re a fan of coffee and wine, this Pinotage is your dream come true! The Boland Cellar Cappupinoccinotage boasts dark prune, plum, and blueberry flavours, all with a delightful coffee twist.

A unique addition to any collection, a conversation starter priced at around R100​ (


Boland Classic Selection Merlot 2022

Boland Cellar Wine

This Merlot is all about elegance and smoothness. With fruity notes of fruitcake and cherry, it finishes off with a smooth, light body.

It’s the kind of wine that makes you feel fancy without breaking the bank, coming in at approximately R90​ (


Boland Cellar One Formation Shiraz / Grenache / Viognier 2022

Boland Cellar Wine

Last but not least, the One Formation blend is a masterful trio of Shiraz, Grenache, and Viognier. This full-bodied wine offers dark berry fruit flavours with a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of white pepper spice. Perfect for those who enjoy a complex and rich wine.

It’s priced at around R150​ (


Boland Cellar Wine

Each of these wines from Boland Cellar offers a unique experience, making them perfect for any occasion. We thoroughly enjoyed each one and they have definitely earned a permanent spot in our personal collection.

Don’t just take my word for it, check them out and let your taste buds thank you later!

Happy sipping! 🍇✨

We would personally like to thank the amazing team at Boland Cellar for educating us on their exquisite wines and for allowing us the opportunity to these fine wines first-hand!

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