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Article How to Become the World’s Greatest Chef

Dinner Times Stories and Le Petit Chef do It again with their new aptly named show “How to Become the World’s Greatest Chef.

🌟 Strap in for an extraordinary journey into the heart of culinary excellence as we recount the magical afternoon spent with the world-famous ‘World’s Smallest Chef,’ Le Petit Chef, at the Southern Sun 54 On Bath Hotel in Rosebank! 🎩✨

From the moment we stepped into the luxurious setting, we knew we were in for a treat—a multisensory gastronomic adventure that has taken the global dining scene by storm. This is not merely a meal; it’s a symphony of flavours, sights, and sounds that dance together to create an experience like no other.

The latest spectacle, aptly titled ‘How To Become The World’s Greatest Chef,’ is a 3D 4K masterpiece that unfolds the secrets of culinary greatness. Picture this: an ordinary plate transformed into a world stage where you, the diner, play a crucial role. It’s not just dining; it’s a spectacular journey combining cutting-edge technology, bespoke entertainment, delectable dining, and unparalleled service—a feast for all the senses.

Our enchanted lunch date lasted more than 3 ½ hours, immersing us in pure culinary mastery. The experience seamlessly blended Dinner Time Stories and Le Petit Chef’s world-renowned 3D tabletop projections, featuring an ever-changing array of decorations, props, and mind-blowing centrepieces. And let’s not forget the seemingly never-ending flow of mouth-watering dishes!

dinnertime stories

The term ‘Lunch/Dinner and a Show’ falls short of encapsulating the multisensory magic that this six/seven-course ‘fun-dining’ experience offers. It’s a journey through time and taste, where each course unfolds a new chapter in culinary brilliance. 🕰️🍽️

Your culinary adventure begins with a complimentary glass of Boschendal NV MCC bubbly, setting the stage for what’s to come. Le Petit Chef takes you on a historical and artistic voyage. The first course plunges into the roots of staple ingredients, whisking diners back to the Aztec empire with unexpected twists. The second course invites you to channel your inner art critic, exploring the fusion of visual and culinary art as Le Petit Chef shares insights into his plating precision. You even get to try your hand at edible art under the guidance of the ingenious tiny chef.

Le Petit Chef opens the door to intimate childhood memories, providing a glimpse into the family foundations that shaped his extraordinary culinary journey. The show crescendos in a musically inspired finale, where the renowned chef unveils industry tips, techniques, and secrets. The grand finale invites diners to showcase their newfound skills, aiming for the coveted title of the World’s Greatest Chef under the guidance of Le Petit Chef.

For those seeking an elevated experience, there’s an option to include Boschendal wine’s iconic wine pairings for each course at an additional cost of R395 per person. Trust us, it’s an investment in enhancing the harmony between food and drink, taking your culinary journey to new heights. 🍷✨

In conclusion, our lunch with Le Petit Chef was nothing short of enchanting. Our taste buds were treated to a symphony, our eyes to a visual feast, and our souls to a journey through culinary artistry.

We can proudly give a heartfelt 5-STAR RECOMMENDATION and we strongly encourage you to seize the opportunity to become part of this culinary masterpiece.

dinnertime stories

We extend our gratitude to Paul Rouessart, Le Petit Chef, and the entire team at 54 On Bath for curating an unforgettable night of flavours and memories. We eagerly anticipate raising our glass with them again soon! 🙌

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