Indaba Gin School

Article Indaba gin school experience

Our GIN-a- licious experience at the Indaba Hotel’s Gin School was a unique, educational, immersive, and engaging affair.

That’s best described as a captivating journey into the intriguing world of Gin!

Their Gin Sensorium is where the magic happens! We could not help but feel like Charlie in The Chocolate Factory, except that the chocolate was Gin LOL.

Our minds were blown away by their picture-perfect ‘Gin Laboratory’. Yes, there is crazy cool science involved in Gin’s unique and diverse world. From their fascinating specially crafted copper pot stills to their library of ingredients and botanicals that await infusion!

We had the privilege of enjoying a personal tasting with The Old Packhouse Distillery which was nothing less than extraordinary and a true sensory extravaganza, leaving us more than delighted.

We can with ease and confidence recommend that you experience the mind-blowing and taste bud tantalising experience that is on offer at the one and only Indaba Hotel‘s Gin School!

To learn more visit: Gin School:

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