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Article Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery

Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery is the epitome of fresh, nutritious and delicious!

The trendy upmarket location sets the perfect backdrop for a taste sensation that is unmatched!

Conveniently nestled opposite the Riverside shopping centre in Bryanston you will find Jacksons, which comprises a spacious real food market which is well stocked with products, catering to a diverse spectrum of shoppers. Specialities include Vegetarian, Vegan, Wheat free, Gluten-free, Organic and free-range and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Within the supermarket is a well-laid-out indoor dining area which leads out to an enormous covered outdoor dining deck that offers breathtaking views!

Ambiance & atmosphere: 5-stars

  • Light, bright, fresh and on-trend! Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery is an experience in itself. You are visually stimulated by the vibrancy and incredible colour pallet on display from the fresh produce. The aroma of local and exotic coffee beans being freshly ground fills the air. All the while live music is played over the subtle buzz of happy diners chatter. This completes the dining experience and journey of your senses.

Staff: 5-stars

  • On arrival, you are greeted by the hostess who instantly makes you feel welcome. Despite the phenomenal location, at no point is there any feeling of pretentiousness. You are made to feel at home. Regardless if you are in the market, bakery, patisserie, or restaurant, there is always a friendly staff member willing to assist. I suppose this speaks to the ambience and atmosphere. Wherever you look you are greeted with a warm and welcoming smile which is contagious! Their staff are not only happy themselves but make you happier as well, which in our opinion, is something quite special in itself!

Management: 5-stars

  • From experience, management will normally make a turn past your table and ask about your experience and try to escape before you even have a chance to reply. Management at Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery are the exact opposite of this! They don’t just ask you about your meal, but rather your whole experience. While engaging with them you can’t help but feel you are talking to a friend you have had for years! Another noteworthy point is that on several occasions we overheard the management complementing and building up the waitstaff. So this was truly exceptional to see and also explains those contagious smiles we spoke earlier about! Big up and huge respect to Jackson’s management staff!

Menu Knowledge: 5-stars

  • Right off the bat, this was something different and super cool! Once you are seated and your server introduces him/herself, they explain that the QR code on your table can be scanned from your smartphone for a digital version of the menu! We love the sustainable paper-free approach. It further enhances the experience of being environmentally conscious. There is a paper version available on request. The menu is extensive with over 115 mouthwatering meals to choose from. There is an impressive range of fresh and healthy juices available which we took advantage of and thank goodness we did because it was DELICIOUS!

In addition, their animal-based proteins are locally sourced, free-range, organic, steroid, antibiotic-free, cruelty-free and humanly raised. It is impressive to see a company taking this approach and not cutting corners! Their entire menu from top to bottom offers only the best of the best!

Presentation: 5-stars

  • Fuss-free and down-to-earth. Again there is no pretentiousness in “7 forks” and “pure crystal glassware”. Having said that, no costs or attention to detail has been spared. Everything is clean and in its place. Each table has a complimentary bottle of water which is a nice touch! Their food presentation is world-class. What we appreciated is that they allow the phenomenal ingredients to be the star feature on the plate, which they are! Bright vibrant and very visually inviting.

Taste: 5-stars

  • As with everything from Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery their flavour can be best described as a gastronomical experience! Extensive thought and consideration have clearly gone into the composition of their tantalizing meals. There is a perfect balance of textures, spices and flavour combinations! What they serve we are LOVING! The selection we sampled varied across the board and the preparation and flavour profiles were on point! We opted for the renowned baked chocolate and honeycomb cheesecake and OMG was this MIND-BLOWING! Seriously, stop reading this and go and order this NOW, it will change your life. From our first bite to our last we were impressed! Top-notch cooking and a must-try for any foodie.

And we just want to put this out there, this is the BEST Beyond Burger we have ever had! I mean, just look at the pics – you need to try this, over and over!


Talk about being an overachiever and ticking all the right boxes!  Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery are setting an exceptionally hi-standard. Their embrace of supporting local producers and farmers speaks volumes to us as fellow supporters of the ‘local is lekker’ mentality! We can with an abundance of confidence recommend Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery!

For more information or to find your nearest restaurant we invite you to visit the Jacksons Real Food Market and Eatery website.

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