Carpaccio Di Salmone

Article League of its own at Dolci Café

Fresh, authentic Italian cuisine that’s simply in a league of its own at Dolci Café!

Situated in the warm and welcoming suburb of Craighall, you will find Dolci Café. A true cornerstone restaurant of the community and a taste sensation like no other!

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Jacqueline Righi-Boyd, Clayton Boyd and Zoran Mijailovic for allowing us the privilege to experience the magic that is Dolci Café


Beautifully designed with an eye for attention to detail. The sleek, modern and stylish interior is welcoming. Soft lighting and exquisite artwork set the tone for a relaxing and easy experience. The spacing of the dining tables is on point as there is a delightful buzz of cheerful patron chatter without being overly loud or intrusive of your personal conversations. As well as adhering to all Covid precautions.

The aroma of the restaurant is simply unbelievable. With earthy notes from the authentic wood-fired pizza oven to the sensational scent of fresh garlic and sweet herbs being prepared for the feast that’s to come.


As strange and cliche as this might sound, the best way to describe the staff would be to say they give you a heartwarming sensation of being welcomed to a large Italian family.

Regardless of who you interact with. Whether it be the maître d’hôtel (hostess) who opens the door to welcome you, or Chef Jackie herself, there is a constant willingness and effort from everyone to make sure you feel welcomed and are comfortable!

You will instantly recognise you’re in a passionate hands-on owner-run restaurant, simply by the wealth of knowledge the staff possess. This is a refreshing sign that time has been taken to provide the staff with one-on-one training. We believe not only the guests are made to feel like part of the family, but their staff as well!

Bruschetta Porcini


Unmatched excellence! If customer service could be served on a dish, there would not be enough Michelin Stars to award them. Their management style speaks directly to their success. This is seen through the exceptional customer loyalty and following they have.


Marvel should make a movie on this establishment because they have superpowers -jokes aside. Our phenomenal waiter was able to answer any questions we had (and we had a few!). And knowledgeable enough to make recommendations and describe the dishes in-depth, including their flavour profiles.

We had the distinguished honour and privilege of having renowned and pedigree chef extraordinaire Jacqueline Righi-Boyd (chef Jackie) join us. This experience on its own was beyond belief! We have yet to meet a more passionate and humble chef. Her description of the dishes, their ingredients and heritage had us almost physically drooling at the table.

Chef Jackie not only runs the entire kitchen brigade, and puts out astonishing dish after dish, but also has a personal relationship with her patrons. The internet is already ablaze with her praise including reviews on her tremendous talent as a chef and restauranteur! Those reviews are well justified and most certainly deserved!


Staying true to the heritage and aesthetic of the restaurant there is no pompous pretentiousness in the presentation. Having said that, there is a very high level of refinement and excellence in the plating. The dishes are inviting and visually stunning. The attention to detail and respect that’s given to the ingredients is a beautiful thing to behold. Thoughtful attention is given to all the elements that allow the meal itself to be the star of the show.


We were fortunate enough to sample a large selection of their mouthwatering menu and we were not disappointed. In cooking, freshness is king. This is a philosophy that Dolci don’t simply embrace, they celebrate it! This is evident in every bite!  You will not find a bottled sauce or pre-made meal in this kitchen. Everything is made from scratch by hand with love. Including their rolled and filled pasta and gnocchi.

Fresh muscle is flown in twice a week. Using the finest ingredients imported from Italy including cheeses, tomatoes and melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella to name a few. This is not one of those so-called “Italian” franchise restaurants. Their flavour profiles are a rich taste sensation like nothing you have experienced before.




Arancini – A delicious perfectly deep-fried risotto ball served on a bed of freshly made decedent Napoli dipping sauce! Stop whatever you’re doing right now! Go and order this. Your taste buds will thank you for years to come!

Carpaccio Di Salmone – Smoked Salmon Trout, perfectly sliced wafer-thin. Served with crisp red onion, capers and drizzled with the finest Italian olive oil. A perfectly balanced flavour marriage made in heaven.

Bruschetta Porcini – Fresh porcini mushroom cooked in white wine and butter served on a slice of toasted sourdough. A magnificent combination of crispy and crunchy as well as buttery smooth, soft and silky! PS a must for vegetarians.

Prime Piatti

Gnocchi Ragu – Authentic traditional Bolognaise served over fresh handmade Gnocchi. A truly one-of-a-kind taste sensation that teleports you to the rolling hill of Italy.

Cannelloni – Thin pasta tubes filled with the finest, imported silky-smooth ricotta cheese laced with fresh spinach in a Napoletana sauce. This classic Italian dish is perfection at its best. Another amazing vegetarian dish!

Tagliatelle Al Ruga – Slow-cooked traditional Bolognainse served with hand-cut Tagliatelle. Perfectly seasoned pasta cooked Al dente. Tossed through a rich and flavoursome ragu. What more could you ask for?


A smorgasbord of spectacular pastries – These moreish delights are made in-house and included: Nutella Cones and Eclairs, Mille-Feuille, Decadent Fudge and a to-die-for, indulgent baked cheesecake. Our very favourite has to be the unmatched warm gooey chocolate brownie that’s served with vanilla dolce ice cream!

The above meal was paired and enjoyed with a full-bodied Piccini Chianti Classico. This was the perfect wine to tie all of the courses together. Many wines are on offer from the impressive walk-in temperature-controlled wine cellar!

Chocolate Brownie


The saying “you can not improve on perfection” sums up Dolci Café perfectly! If you are looking to enjoy an authentic Italian meal cooked with passion, in a picture-perfect setting… You will not find a better choice, than right here in Jozi! After experiencing their service, cooking and hospitality first-hand, I can understand why they are so loved and well supported by the community!

We would highly recommend you make a reservation to experience this taste of Italy today!

For more information or to make your reservation we invite you to visit their website or contact them: | 010 900 2274

We would also encourage you to check out their incredible social media platform to be kept up to date on all their news and specials

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