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Article Masquerade Murder Mystery

Our experience at Bella Vita’s Masquerade Murder Mystery evening was a nail-biting, suspense-filled adventure that was nothing less than thrilling from start to end!

The action-packed event was hosted at the legendary Carvers Restaurant and Tulbach Pub located in Linden/Risidale on the picturesque banks of the Jukskei River!


On arrival, we were warmly greeted and led to our reserved table and introduced to our knowledgeable and very friendly waitress. Murder Mystery mastermind and event organizer Eileen Lange, was on hand engaging with the guests and setting the tone for what would turn out to be an exciting and fun evening!


Halfway through the evening’s events and quick intermission a spread of light finger foods were laid out for everyone’s enjoyment. The snacks included the likes of falafels, mouthwatering meatballs in a BBQ basting, crispy spring rolls and slices of toasted Ciabatta topped with refreshing salsa. As well as a variety of dipping sauces for the sliced carrot and celery medley. While extremely flavour-packed, the selection was slightly limited. So we would suggest either making arrangements to eat prior to or post the event! (it was advised that only light finger foods would be served).


Following on from the intermission the evening shenanigans continued with a new selection of information cards. These were provided to all the participants to utilise in the quest to unmask the identity of the mysterious killer!

Without giving away too much, what we can say is the evening is riddled with unexpected twists and turns in the plot. Leaving you constantly questing who the killer could be. Or could it even be you?

All cryptic clues and games aside the evening in its entirety was a highly enjoyable and easily recommendable experience that will be enjoyed all!

For more information on the Murder Mystery evening and to book your seat at the next one, we invite you to visit or contact Eileen Lange on 073 048 2438 /

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