Article Mzansi Food and Drink Show 2024

The Mzansi Food and Drink Show this year was a foodie’s delight!

WOWZA! The Mzansi Food and Drink Show was an absolute blast, and we’re here to spill all the delicious details! With such an amazing event, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. Right off the fork, we enjoyed great food and drink tastings, cooking demos, masterclasses, special offers, and a marketplace filled with gastronomic delights.

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Five Incredible Shows in One!

The show promised a smorgasbord of entertainment, and it delivered in spades! There was truly something for everyone, and we tried our best to enjoy it all. We could have easily spent an entire day at each show, taking in everything on offer.

Venue & Overall Event

This was truly a WORLD-CLASS event. From the ground staff to the upper management, we were blown away at every moment. The exhibitor layout was easy to navigate, making moving from one “show” to another a walk in the park. CLEAN, EFFICIENT, FRIENDLY, AND FANTASTIC!

The Bar & Good Spirits Showcase 🍺🍷

👉 The Bar & Good Spirits Showcase
👉 The Fine Food & Wine Show

Regardless of whether you were a high-end connoisseur or just looking to grow your knowledge and try a few new things, this was the spot to be! We got to know Chris from Boland Cellar and tried their mind-blowing amazing range of wines, which we will be doing a separate review on soon.

Boland Cellar Wine

We also hung out with the awesome team at Aerotude, whose stand was one of the best-looking at the entire show. Their innovative approach to whiskey fusion is something we have never seen before. Their philosophy of “Shake It, Mix It, Love It – Whisky Your Way! Crafted for the Rule-Breakers” could not be a more honest representation of the brand! We left their stand as HUGE FANS and can’t wait to tell you more about their brand.


It wasn’t all whiskey and wine for us. We also visited Premier Pure Fusion, whose handcrafted range of premium liqueurs and spirit aperitifs were out of this world. Their ideology of “REAL FLAVOURS, REAL TRADITION, and REAL STORIES” really shone through when chatting with them.

Premier Pure Fusion

The Coffee & Chocolate Expo ☕🍫

👉 The Coffee & Chocolate Expo 

We sure got more than our caffeine fix here! The vibe and atmosphere were electric. The standout for us had to be De’Longhi with their state-of-the-art machines. Having such big brand’s exhibit didn’t take away from some of the smaller exhibitors who did an equally amazing job.

The selfie stand at Jacobs Coffee was also a lot of fun!

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! SJ Caterers mouth-watering chocolate bombs blew us away. These balls of pure deliciousness dissolve in hot milk, infusing it with hot chocolate, Milo, or even whiskey. Perfect for those cold winter nights!

We also got educated by the guys at Giraf Macadamia on their impressive range of macadamia nut milks. These are by far the BEST non-dairy milk we have ever had, and we can’t wait to incorporate them more into our lives.

Giraf Macadamia Milk

After our coffee and chocolate fix, we headed over to Carmien Tea, I must say they have taken the tea game to a whole new level, their entire range is based on canine-free Rooibos but they have the most incredible selection to choose from that have all been infused with natural ingredients, from peach to lemon! They even have a Chai team express! Amazing right?

The Fire & Feast Meat Festival 🔥🍖

👉 The Fire & Feast Meat Festival

A carnivore’s dream! From grilling to smoking and good old-fashioned braai-ing, there was something for everyone. Six Gun Grill/Crown National entertained the crowds with their local and lekker products, which we’ll review later.

Super Saucy’s range of products, from mild to wild, and Prinson Kitchen Secrets’ sauces, which are sugar, gluten, and dairy-free as well as plant-based, were standout highlights. The Minnies range was just as impressive as they have a sauce that will pair perfectly with any dish!

Another standout for us was the amazing team at Umlilo Charcoal & Briquettes besides their products being amazing, the work they do and how much they give back to their local community through outreach job opportunities to their work with animal welfare truly was awe-inspiring and left us as lifelong loyal clients to their awesome brand.

Umlilo Charcoal & Briquettes

The Mzansi Food Market 🛍️

👉 The Mzansi Food Market

As foodies at heart, this was our happy place! We dug into delicious pancakes from Nin’s Kitchen and customized donuts from The Donuttery. The churros from Paquito’s Treatery were fried to golden perfection! Brown Bag SA’s smash burgers and curly fries were the cherry on top of our food market exploration.

Brown Bag

Words can’t express the awesomeness that was the Mzansi Food and Drink Show! The only critique we have is that the show is over, and we have to wait another year for the next one!

If you haven’t marked it in your diary for next year, do it now! Even better, visit and follow them on their socials to be the first to know when they announce next year’s dates.

A HUGE shoutout to the entire organizing team, the amazing ground staff at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre, and each exhibitor for creating this one-of-a-kind show! We are counting down the days until the next one!

📅 Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews on some of our favourite exhibitors!



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