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A Night Behind Bars: Our Unforgettable Experience at Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar.

If you’re ready to trade your freedom for a night of unforgettable fun, then lock yourself into the wild world of Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar! Located in the heart of Greenside, this prison-themed hotspot brings the South African incarceration experience to life with a cheeky twist.

Arrival: Welcome to the Big House

The night began with a warm (and slightly intimidating) welcome from the Warden and her taser-wielding guards. With batons in hand and handcuffs at the ready, they quickly ushered us into the inmate enrollment area. After donning our stylish orange jumpsuits, we posed for our mugshots – our journey into prison life had officially begun!

Claudia Sherrin

Judd Sherrin

Behind Bars: The Cell Experience

Once dressed in our new attire, we were led to our cells where the real fun began. The cell block was alive with the sounds of gangster slang and laughter from fellow inmates. Here’s a tip: smuggle in your favourite spirit, or you’ll be sipping on mocktails all night. Just keep it hidden from the guards unless you want a visit to the Warden’s office – trust us, what happens there stays there.

Cocktails with a Twist

Our life sentence included a delicious lineup of cocktails with names like Painkiller, Cufftails, Key Of The Hook, and Mug Shots to name a few. Served by long-serving inmates, each drink was unique and delicious. Adding our own spirits made the experience even more personal. As we enjoyed our drinks, we couldn’t help but engage in the playful banter with the guards and staged long-term inmates.

Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar

Immersive Storytelling

Throughout the night, we were part of unfolding storylines involving prison riots, stashing contraband, and outsmarting the Warden. The interactive nature of the experience made it feel like we were living in a thrilling movie. And the best part? Meeting and interacting with other inmates (guests) added an extra layer of fun.

The Warden’s Interrogation

As the night progressed, the Warden’s questioning became more intense. After a few shampoo shots in the notorious shower room, we finally confessed to our “crimes.” For us, it was a wild tale of kidnapping a playboy bunny and booze-fueled violence – just another night in this crazy prison world.

Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar

The Verdict: An Unmissable Experience

After an hour and a half of thrilling lockup, we were released for good behaviour, slightly tipsy but with big smiles on our faces. The immersive theatre and cocktail bar combination was executed brilliantly. The attention to detail, the engaging storylines, and the delicious cocktails made it one of the best experiences we’ve ever had.

Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar

Conclusion: A Must-Visit

Take No Prisoner Cocktail Bar is a must-visit for anyone looking for a night of unique and interactive fun. A huge thank you to the inventive team for inviting us. We can’t wait to return!

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