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Words simply can’t do the experience we have had at Turn n Tender any justice! But we will give it our best try!

Before jumping in, we must just say that this is a reflection on both their Umhlanga branch in KZN and their JHB Illovo branch that we have had the privilege of reviewing!

Apologies in advance for any typos, they are a result of me wiping the drool off my keyboard thinking of their mouth-watering meals.

PS – If you have not been to Turn ‘n Tender Centurion (242 Jean Ave, Die Hoewes) stop what you are doing and get there NOW! We had one of the best dining experience to date at this amazing restaurant!

Ambiance & atmosphere: 5-stars

  • Upbeat vibe with modern finishes. Their layout is capable of accommodating a loud and rowdy bunch while still offering more secluded areas for those seeking a more intimate and relaxed experience!

Staff: 5-stars

  • From the maître d’hôtel (hostess) who warmly welcomes you at the door and seats you, to your server, they lead in terms of the hospitality staff we have encountered! I am talking about smiles! I don’t know what Turn n Tender are doing to keep their staff this happy, but whatever it is, KEEP DOING IT!

Management: 5-stars

  • Management just takes it a step further, they are extremely tentative! Honestly, they work as hard as the waiters and runners do. Not once did we notice anyone standing around waiting for something to be cleared or reset! It was awesome to see such involved and engaging management! Talk about leading by example!

Menu Knowledge: 5-stars

  • OUTSTANDING and UNMATCHED would be the best way of summoning up their staff’s overall knowledge of not only the menu items but their preparation techniques as well! This was exceptionally MINDBLOWING! You are walked through where the cut of meat comes from, showing samples of what’s on offer and given a rundown on each meal and accompaniments.

Presentation: 5-stars

  • The presentation was no less than what you would expect from a Michelin star restaurant! You are offered a selection of three plating options; Wooden Board (with a channel cut around the edge. This ensures non of the delicious meat juice runs off the board); Cast iron hot plate (which is fantastic if you enjoy watching your steak or whatever protein you enjoy sizzling right in front of yo); or their final option, which is a classic and very classy white plate. Cutlery is sparkling and their knives SHARP! A very noticeable amount of attention has been spent on the small details, and I must say its APPRECIATED!

Taste: 5-stars

  • If I could give more than 5-Stars this is where I would give it! We have been spoilt enough to taste a large selection of their taste bud tantalizing menu. From their succulent seafood through to the melt in your mouth steaks. They are all WINNERS! We have yet to try something that we would not order again or not recommend.


Turn n Tender continues to impress us. From the moment you arrive to the second you leave you will be treated like a VIP by people that truly have a passion for what they do! Their attention to detail and pride in what they do can be tasted in every scrumptious meal they serve! We proudly and with confidence recommend anyone try their nearest Turn & Tender. Simply put, it’s an experience you will be thankful you had!

For more information or to find your nearest restaurant we invite you to visit the Turn n Tender website.

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