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Article WordPress website Audit and Tune-Up

When last did you have a WordPress website Audit and Tune-Up?

Why should I audit my WordPress website and what are the benefits?

We are glad you asked. Websites require maintenance to ensure they are optimised to deliver the best possible experience to their viewers. Here are some of the services and their benefits that are included in our audit and tune-up package!


We will make sure there are no pending updates and if there are, we will complete them for you and make sure everything is still working. These updates will include WordPress core, plugins and theme files.


We will install and set up an automated backup and restore for your website. This will ensure that your WordPress site is always backed up each day. There will also be a one-click restore option to load up any of the backup files.


Visitors to your site want to be able to browse it as fast as possible. It is important that pages throughout your site load speedy. We will test all these areas and make detailed suggestions on improving speed issues.


WordPress is an extremely powerful publishing platform. It’s important to protect against hackers. We will do a detailed Security Audit on your site to make sure that you have prevention in place and eliminate any security holes.


Ever feel like you have no idea which plugins you are using or not using? We will audit the full list of plugins that are on your site and determine which ones are needed and which are not.


The server that hosts your site is the foundation of it all. It is important to make sure the server is properly set up. We will create an area that shows you full server info to make sure your host meets WordPress requirements.


WAIT, there’s more… This item is our favourite. You will receive a detailed report on the WORDPRESS TUNE-UP of your site. The report will include a detailed explanation of everything our WordPress Tune-Up Specialist has worked through to maximize the performance of your website.

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