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Article Awarded official Trademark

We are pleased to announce that Innovative Marketing SA™️ has been awarded the official Trademark.

What does this mean, you ask? Our unique services and processes are now protected, legally. This is great news for our clients, as the services we offer them are too, protected.

Why is a Trademark a big deal?

If you are manufacturing goods or offering a service, it helps you to have a trademark. When people see or hear about a trademark, they remember the goods or services associated with it. Your trademark distinguishes you from other people in the same line of work and gives you an identity in the market place. Goods are things that can be manufactured, such as radios, clothing, medicine, cosmetics, jewellery and cars, goods can also be perishables, such as plants, meat, milk, fruits, and vegetables. A service is work done by a person or a group of people for other people. Some examples are a restaurant, a construction company and a food delivery service.

Innovative Marketing SA™️ is a complete digital marketing turnkey solution with the added benefits of graphic design, photography, videography, website development and customised branding services.

We populate & manage the online community with your business’ brand identity for you. All in an effort to develop and monitor your business’ success and growth by keeping you in front of mind in the consumer’s markets.

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