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We expertly manage your online platforms by crafting custom content with your customers in mind, elevating your brand and ensuring your business stays at the forefront of your customer's minds.

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Welcome to our all-inclusive marketing agency, where print and digital seamlessly converge. Our expertise spans design, website development, branding, signage, photography, and video services. We pride ourselves on crafting compelling content and expertly managing online platforms that reflect your business's unique brand identity.

Our ultimate goal is to drive your business's success and foster growth by ensuring you stay top-of-mind in consumer markets.

With three decades of invaluable marketing experience, we confidently assert our position as industry frontrunners. Rest assured, your business will thrive under the guidance of trendsetters and trusted market leaders.

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Hi, we're Innovative Marketing®

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We understand the ever-evolving social landscape we live in. Falling behind is all too easy, but fear not! Your digital presence is a direct reflection of your business, and we're here to ensure you put your best foot forward and forge strong relationships with your audience.

Consider us your perfect match. As an award-winning agency, we specialise in innovative solutions that make a difference. With over 30 years of market-leading experience, we excel at creating stunning websites, devising effective social media strategies, and producing custom, engaging content. We take pride in crafting highly targeted digital media advertising campaigns, accompanied by striking graphic design, photography, and videography, tailored to clients across diverse industries.

Our approach is personal. We believe in adding that special touch to the digital realm, resulting in brand recognition, increased traffic, and a loyal, engaged audience. Join us on this exciting journey and let's make your digital presence shine!

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“Don't settle for just any digital marketing agency. Choose a trusted partner you can rely on.”


Our Skills

  • Online and social media marketing experts
  • Graphic design for digital and print media
  • Website design, development, and hosting
  • Professional photography and videography services
  • Strategic marketing solutions
  • Copywriting and editing services
  • Paid online advertising campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services
  • Corporate branding and promotional merchandise
  • Development of corporate identity and stationery
  • Social media training and coaching
  • Business listing optimisation on Google and iOS platforms
  • Newsletter marketing services
  • Publishing services for books and magazines
  • Representatives for NeoLife and Nu Skin product lines


Our Milestones

  • Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Recognised with a collaborative tourism marketing award
  • Received extensive coverage in multiple newspapers
  • Accredited as a Facebook and Google advertising partner
  • Trailblazing in augmented reality technology
  • Established a corporate branding division
  • Executed various animal welfare CSI campaigns
  • Partnered with South Coast Bike Fest™️ and WODAC for PR/Marketing
  • Trademarked the brand name Innovative Marketing™️
  • Featured on Season 7 Episode 1 of Come Dine With Me
  • Successfully registered Innovative Marketing® as a trademark


Our Passions

  • Coffee and Chocolate, a delightful combination!
  • Our Valued Clients, whom we consider as part of our family.
  • Adorable Pugs, irresistibly cute!
  • Homemade Gourmet Canine Meals & Treats, catering to your furry friends.
  • The best of lifestyle captivating blogging and reviews.
  • Technology and Trends, staying up-to-date in the digital realm.
  • Cherished Families and Friends, the heart of our lives.
  • Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Fashion & Gaming, the perfect blend of style and entertainment.


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Is your company's digital presence feeling a little outdated? Maybe you're launching a new business and want to stand out from the competition.

Your social media presence and website play a crucial role as the first point of contact for potential leads and clients. Remember, "Your first impression is the last impression," and in today's fast-paced, digital-driven age, you only have one shot at making it count!

Take a moment to reflect: Is your current social media and website leaving the lasting impression you desire? If not, now is the ideal time to upgrade to a modern social media marketing strategy. One that incorporates an elegant and interactive website, ensuring that your digital visitors experience a memorable first impression for all the right reasons!


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