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Today has got to be one of our favourite days of the year because we get to celebrate  Entrepreneurs Day!

Yes, every year the Third Tuesday of November is dedicated to all our business buddies!

When you think about it, the world is crammed with great products that we take for granted. Those that were non-existent until they were somehow dreamed up by a budding entrepreneur.

We can genuinely hope that the next generation of potential Walt Disneys, Bill Gates’es, Mark Zuckerbergs, and Coco Chanel might be inspired to launch their business model and take the world by storm by the stories of some of the greatest businessmen and women of our time.

Entrepreneurs’ Day falls on the last day of Global Entrepreneurship Week, during Entrepreneurship Month and is meant to be a way of showing gratitude and respect to the people who achieved success, sometimes against all odds, and were able to help a lot of people by creating jobs for them in the process.

How to celebrate Entrepreneurs’ Day

On this day, entrepreneurs are encouraged to thank mentors, give funding and advice, and spread the word about how to achieve success in business. People who are not yet successful entrepreneurs might want to read the biography of a particularly successful businessman or woman in order to inspire themselves.

Last but by no means least, people who feel the need to show entrepreneurs thanks and respect for their achievements can take to social media to spread awareness about Entrepreneur’s Day

You can also make an effort to support a local business as gratitude for their Entrepreneurial efforts!

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Source: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/entrepreneurs-day/

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