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Article Google Partner Named Top Agency by Web Marketing Association for Second Year in a Row

We are super pleased to share the good news that our Google Partner was Named Top Agency by Web Marketing Association for the Second Year in a Row!

When you work with us at Innovative Marketing SA rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of the experts in our fields.

We are so proud to announce that for the second year in a row, our Google Partner has been crowned the Top Agency by the Web Marketing Association. The Top Agency Award recognizes the consistently outstanding development going on at interactive digital marketing firms. WSI outranked its global competition and won the most WebAwards in this year’s WMA WebAward competition.

Award-Winning Web Designs

Overall WSI won 13 awards in the 2020 WebAwards competition including Best Home Building Website, Best Political Website, seven Outstanding Website WebAwards, and four Standard of Excellence WebAwards. The addition of these awards brings WSI’s total WMA Award tally to over 115 and reaffirms its place among the leading web development agencies of the world. 

Bill Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association, congratulated WSI for their back-to-back Top Agency win: “For the second year in a row, the Web Marketing Association is proud to recognize WSI with the coveted Top Agency Award. WSI beat thousands of other agencies for the honour and on top of their numerous WMA WebAwards for 2020, this Top Agency Award further distinguishes WSI as a leading provider of digital marketing. There’s a lot that goes into designing an online digital solution that delivers results and meets the needs of online audiences. Congratulations to WSI and their entire team for this achievement – and thank you for continuing to lead the way as our Top Agency for 2020!

WSI’s global WSI network of Digital Marketing Agencies helps thousands of businesses and organizations in various industries, maximize the potential of the internet for business growth and profitability. Receiving this award for Top Agency for the second year in a row in WMA’s prestigious annual Web Development Competition makes all of us incredibly happy and proud. This confirms to us the ongoing and exciting responsibility to continuously raise the bar and set new standards for our clients. We would never have been able to achieve this recognition without the tremendous support and close teamwork of our Consultants, agencies, suppliers, partners, employees, and customers. It’s time to say a big “Thank You and cheers” to the incredible WSI team.

The WebAward Competition is the premier showcase for website development in more than 96 industry categories. WSI has been entering into the awards competition since 2007. Their trophy mantel now includes two Top Agency awards, 6 Outstanding Development awards, and over 115 individual WMA Awards. 


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