Article How to use Pinterest for business

In this awesome training video, we will show you how to use Pinterest for business!

Here is a FUN FACT to kick things off… ‘3 in 5 adults are more likely to make a purchase from a business that is represented in a positive place, it’s high time to start growing your business’ presence on Pinterest and channelling the platform’s e-commerce opportunities.”

Thanks to the guys (and gals) at ContentCal for this awesome tutorial!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest serves more like a visual search engine rather than a social media platform, but has 431 million monthly active users, making it a great place for inspiration and to target potential customers (as well as build loyalty with your existing ones).

The great thing about Pinterest is that every type of brand from multi-million dollar corporations to one-person small businesses is all on a level playing field. 87% of pins are unbranded, so it’s not a place to push hard selling.

Why is Pinterest a good platform for businesses?

Simply put it drives sales! 90% of Pinterest users try new things they find on the platform, and through its path to purchase capabilities, you can drive traffic to pretty much anywhere you want.

People on Pinterest are 3 times more likely to say that they’re always shopping. And 40% say that they love shopping. This translates to much higher spending with people spending 3 times more on Pinterest, compared to other social media platforms.

It drives website traffic

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest encourages you to leave the website when you see something you like! Custom URLs on pins are all part of the experience and allow you to link to whatever you want. Simply put, it makes it so much easier to click and convert your audience directly from the platform.

How to get as many eyes on your Pinterest content as possible

Like other social media platforms, there are ways to help supercharge your business’s Pinterest content in order to hit those all-important KPIs.

Use keywords (but not too many!)

Keywords play a huge part in your Pinterest strategy and they really form the backbone of the work that you need to do on Pinterest. One really important thing to remember is that you can use your keyword anywhere on Pinterest that allows you to add copy. However, it’s also really important not to overdo it by repeating the keywords or using your keywords too often. Not only will it not sound very good to your audience, but the algorithm will also pick up on your keyword stuffing and downgrade your Pin.

It’s important to note that Pinterest is also very user-orientated, and any captions you do write should be something of value to them, not just to promote you as a brand.

Use different types of pins

Having a variety of pin styles allows you to find what works most for your audience, and pitches you as an account of authority when someone views you for the first time too.

The main types of pins are:

Standard – These are the typical image pins you see dotted across your feed. They’re not particularly interactive, but they’re the foundation on which Pinterest was built and are great for driving traffic.

Video – Video pins are great for capturing a user’s attention but are actually currently being phased out by Pinterest, so use them while you can! In a few months’ time, they will exclusively be available for advertising.

Carousel – These are a set of standard Pins that you can scroll through, allowing you to show a set of images together.

Collections – Think of these as an online shopping catalogue. You can create clickable links to products on your pins.

Ideas – Ideas pins are Pinterest’s equivalent of Instagram Stories, but with the added bonus that they don’t disappear after 24 hours. With these pins, however, it’s worth giving your audience an instruction on the next action you want them to take, as there is no ability to link to external sites.

Be consistent

Pinterest is great for building a loyal audience – particularly as not many brands are getting it right currently. It’s a great place for trial and error and testing out content that you may even want to post to other channels.

Give a strong CTA

Every Pin should have a purpose behind it; you’re not just there to educate or tell them something, you also want them to click something. Make sure that what you’re posting makes sense with what you want the user to do next.

The best brands to follow on Pinterest:

Innovative Marketing

We use our account to post-marketing tips and tricks that you’ll want to save for later. We’ve found it super easy to integrate Pinterest into our marketing strategy by repurposing content we’ve posted on other visual channels such as Instagram that have performed well previously.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit has a consistent colour palette across their social media channels including Pinterest, which allows you to instantly recognize the profile as their brand. Gaining over 2.5 million monthly viewers on their Pinterest content, they’ve branched out further than their own product roster and use inspirational quotes, tutorials, and hacks that all align with their audience.


When your brand is as broad as Etsy, it’s great to have multiple ‘boards’ on the go so you can appeal to a wider audience and make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. Some of Etsy’s most popular accounts are related to handmade items, so they’ve capitalized on this by creating a board packed with pins of DIY projects their audience can try at home. In turn, this may even encourage the opening of new Etsy stores for people to sell their creations!

You’ll also notice they have board descriptions packed with keywords — these snippets help with SEO!


Fans of Chick-fil-A are always looking for ways to enjoy their favourite food chain at home. So, Chick-fil-A has dedicated its Pinterest account to recipe videos and hacks which are a mixture of brand-produced assets and user-generated content, so that their fans are encouraged to save and re-pin. By using user-generated content on their Pinterest page, they’re showing that homemade, human side to their brand that users of Pinterest love.

Key takeaways from this short course:

  • Create scroll-stopping Pins with a strong CTA
  • Be consistent, committed, and creative
  • Partner with us at Innovative Marketing to help you plan and schedule your Pinterest content

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