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Are you looking for a personalised QR Code for Your Business? We can help!

The benefits of QR codes in business and marketing are countless. Everywhere you look, you see QR codes. In tickets, restaurant menus, product packaging, business cards and many more.

If you don’t adopt the technology, you are missing out on the following benefits of QR codes.

Benefits of QR codes for business

  • Editable/Modifiable in content even after printing or deployment.
  • QR code scans and is trackable.
  • Allows for multi-media content.
  • Flexible in size.
  • The QR code’s content is accessible through mobile devices.
  • Resilient and Reliable.

Benefits of QR Codes in Marketing

  • Adds Digital Aspect to Printed Ads.
  • Engages Customers.
  • Saves You on Costs.
  • Less Human Error.

Business Improvement Benefits of QR Codes

  • Paperless Menus/catalogues.
  • Scan to Rate/Review.
  • Virtual Contact Information.
  • Aids in Social Media Marketing.

The list of benefits and applications is endless. To learn more or to have us create custom QR codes for your business we invite you to contact us today!

But as all design projects are unique to the client, their brand and their industry, please contact us for a personalised quotation.

Innovative Marketing SA® is an award-winning complete digital marketing turnkey solution with the added benefits of graphic design, copywriting, sponsored campaigns, website development and customised branding services.

We populate & manage the online community with your business’ brand identity for you. All to develop and monitor your business’ success and growth by keeping you in front of mind in the consumer’s markets.

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