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Discover the effectiveness of bulk SMS marketing with our cost-effective solutions.

Connect directly with your customers through personalized messages, anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a remarkable 98% read rate. Get answers to common questions about SMS credits, character limits, forwarding replies, database management, scheduling, and opt-out options.


What does credit mean?

  • Credit is the equivalent of 1 SMS/text message of 1 to 160 characters

How many characters are there in 1 SMS?

  • There are 160 characters in 1 SMS, which translates into 1 credit. You can send up to 459 characters, but this will translate into 3 SMS’/ credits.

Do you support replies to SMS’?

  • Yes, recipients of messages that you send via our system can reply to your messages. The replied messages will be forwarded to your email address, at no cost,

How much does it cost to set up “Forward Replies to Mobile”?

  • Forwarding your replies to your mobile number will cost 1 credit per reply received while forwarding your replies to your email address is FREE.

What will happen if I have two of the same numbers in my database?

  • The Innovative Marketing system will not allow two of the same numbers to be uploaded.

Can I choose to only send SMS’ between 8 am – 5 pm if I don’t want SMS’ sent out later?

  • Yes, messages can be scheduled to go out at specific times, as required.

What if a recipient no longer wants to receive our messages, can they opt out?

  • Yes, they simply need to reply to the specific message with one of the following words: STOP, DELETE or REMOVE and they will be automatically blacklisted from your database list.

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