Social Media Marketing for SMEs

Article Social Media Marketing for SMEs

We offer affordable, reliable and goal-driven social media marketing for SMEs! Keep reading to learn why this service is important to the success of your business.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are now considered as one of the keys to the progress and improvement of any society. Gradually, more and more SMEs are becoming aware of the importance of social networks in the day, but still have doubts as to whether they provide benefits or not.

Many small-sized business owners are hesitant to be on these channels or use them for their promotion. They wonder if the cost is worth it. We are not speaking about those big firms that have big budgets. So these entrepreneurs wonder if they should promote their small business on these channels. Are these platforms necessary for their SMEs?

Social networks are an essential element in the marketing strategy and play a very important role, as long as they choose to work with good management and professionals, helping the brand positioning and differentiation.

If you still have doubts, do not miss the rest of the article:

Why on social media?

Social networks have evolved to become a very powerful tool for businesses. If you make good use of these platforms, you can attract millions of new users at the same time you have direct contact with existing customers thereby improving the brand experience and reputation every day. SMEs should use social networks as an essential tool to grow. The results according to a study by Wildfire, who asked about 700 companies in the digital world on social networks, shows:

  • 88% – Boosting your brand: social networks allow us to achieve visibility through a clear and useful message to position ourselves in the minds of our consumers, achieving differentiation from the diverse range of competitors.
  • 85% – Encourage dialogue: social networks allow being in direct contact with each client, listening to their needs and feedback continuously. This also allows each brand to improve gradually getting closer and closer to its customers and improving their experience. This direct link creates a human, honest and very trustworthy relationship.
  • 58% – Increase sales and alliances: creating such closeness has a direct impact on company sales, as consumers increasingly being happier they buy more often. This also can be an opportunity to attract potential customers or create alliances of interest.
  • 41% –  Reduce costs: social networks can be very useful to save money. Not only in terms of marketing strategy, as through social networks also you can do market research or recruiting staff.

The most important reason to use social networks within your marketing strategy is to be aware that this is a long term process. You can not build an image within social networks overnight, patience!

If you take good management of social platforms, success will come to you gradually.

And you must not forget that if you want to reach your potential customers and that they start being part of your online community, you must deliver content, photos, videos, news… aligned with the interests of your followers. If you’re a small company, have no qualms about hiring a professional dedicated to your networks, community managers are the best tool to achieve your goals. – PS that’s us!

Innovative Marketing SA™️ is an award-winning complete digital marketing turnkey solution with the added benefits of graphic design, photography, videography, website development and customised branding services.

We populate & manage the online community with your business’ brand identity for you. All to develop and monitor your business’ success and growth by keeping you in front of mind in the consumer’s markets.

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