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Article Supporting your Immune System

Supporting your immune system during the Covid-19 pandemic should be one of your first priorities!

Thanks to Neolife’s scientifically formulated and proven range of nutritional supplements, its never been easier!

There is powerful evidence to support the strong role that nutrition plays towards our health – and what in life is more precious to us than our health, and that of our family! We must all do the maximum to build up and protect our health. Together, our immune system provides biological, biochemical and even chemical weaponry to keep our body defended and to help it repair and recover from challenges. We need to improve our resilience as much as we can and optimum nutrition plays a powerful role here.

Our body is equipped with first-line defences such as our skin and the lining of our respiratory tract and digestive system. These are protective barriers that we call these our first-line defences and they contribute to what we know as our innate or built-in immunity. Thankfully, we also have many second-line defences which function inside our body. There are many team players that play a role in our second-line defences. White blood cells are very important immune cells. We have B-cells and T-cells, which talk to each other and have a variety of different jobs to do. These specialised cells also help orchestrate the recovery process of the body and provide us with memory cells which retain the ability to combat certain infectious agents if we encounter them again. This ability is known as adaptive immunity. This all requires a lot of energy and nutrients!

Even though we have these first- and second-line defences, the body often gets damaged by illness or injury and the immune system is equipped to deal with this – to help the body repair itself and recover to get back to normal. Our immune system works together with processes of inflammation in the recovery process as well.

Inflammation is part of the immune response to potentially harmful agents, with the aim of neutralising and then repairing the damage. Immune cells receive signals and go to the site of damage. When everything works well, we could compare the immune system to a finely-tuned orchestra—all players work together in perfect harmony or synchrony and the conductor is a good one! But at times things can go wrong, and in these instances, it seems that our immune system is out of balance or not well-tuned anymore. At these times there can be persistent, or chronic, low-level inflammation. Lack of good quality nutrition as well as poor diet and lifestyle contribute directly to harmful chronic inflammation and cause the immune system to underperform.

The good news is that lifestyle factors such as high-quality nutrition, a healthy amount of sleep, exercise in moderation and stress management can all help our immune system perform at its best.


We know that a balance of all the key nutrients involved in human health are essential for optimum immune response. The way in which some nutrients benefit the immune system is only just beginning to be understood from the exciting field of “Immuno-nutrition.”

NeoLife Nutritionals: Supporting our Immune Health!


Immune cells are very active and have a need for a constant supply of energy as fuel. Immune cells also depend upon a constant blood glucose level and good glycaemic control. A product like NeoLifeShake can help provide steady energy at times of need and helps bring quality protein powder to your immune system. High-quality protein provides the building blocks so that the immune system can make more cells and produce antibodies and other defence substances. It’s important to provide your body with the right foundational nutrition programme every day, and the Breakfast Pack, containing the NeoLifeShake and Pro Vitality, is designed to do exactly that.
Pro Vitality contains 4 essential products that provide nutritional support:


There are many good research papers demonstrating the key role of omega-3 fatty acids to our overall immune balance and capability. Our 8-week human study with Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus demonstrated the ability to alter the membrane composition of cells in a way that reduced the inflammatory index by up to a massive 68% in that short length of time.*


This product provides a wide range of lipids (essential fats and sterols) from whole grains for building cell membranes which work at their best to help cells to be nourished, also allowing for good communication within cells and between cells. With respect to immune cell function, it’s important to note that flexible and dynamic membranes are vital to the ability of the immune cells to move around the body to areas where they are needed, such as for example the site of infection or injury.


Many, many research studies have shown that optimal levels of carotenoids in the diet are important to the proper functioning of our immune system. Studies of NeoLife Carotenoid Complex showed that Carotenoid Complex dramatically increased both immune cell levels and overall immune cell response by up to 37% in just 20 days!*


Then with Multi you have a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to add to the nutritional support for optimum immune balance and function. Of course, Pro Vitality and NeoLifeShake together provide a terrific combination to give us that basic foundational nutrition to support the immune system and improve our resilience to everything that life throws at us.

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