Taking a vacation as a social media manager

Article Taking a vacation as a social media manager

Check out these 7 tips for taking a vacation as a social media manager!

When social media is a part of your job, it can be hard to disconnect and actually take a vacation. It’s just the nature of the job — whether you’re a team of one or 15!

But it’s that very same “always on” mentality that makes taking a vacation especially important for your mental health.

You need time to unwind and most importantly, unplug, so you can come back to work refreshed and re-inspired — even if you just take a “staycation”.

So, what happens when you need a vacation from being glued to your phone? With the right planning and preparation in place, you can stop scrolling and start relaxing in no time.

Here are 7 tips for what to do before, during, and after your vacation as a social media manager:

#1: Plan and Batch Schedule Your Content in Advance

Your well-deserved break from work is on the other side of a solid content batching session!

Having content ready to go while you’re away is the first step to having peace of mind while you’re logged off.

Sitting down to create and schedule all your content in one swoop will not only keep creative juices flowing but also allow for consistent, strategic planning.

From Instagram to Pinterest, you can ensure that all your social channels are still running smoothly while you’re sipping a cocktail on the beach (or binging your next Netflix series).

TIP: Schedule a couple of extra days of content beyond when you’ll be back from your vacation. This “buffer” room will make it easier to transition back into work without feeling overwhelmed.

#2: Choose a Point of Contact Person

Give yourself permission to hand over the reins. Whether you work on a team or are a solo-preneur, it’s a good idea to have a point of contact available to monitor social channels as needed.

Identifying a team member to takeover can help ensure things keep running smoothly and it gives the rest of your team peace of mind if a last-minute change arises.

And if you’re a freelancer — you’re not doomed! There are plenty of great virtual assistant services that can help you with the basics. Or, consult your contact list of fellow freelancers to find someone you trust.

Who knows, you might even be able to work out a vacation trade agreement that’s friendly to both your mental health and to your wallet.

TIP: Be sure to set an Out of Office message before you bid adieu. And if it makes sense for your brand, you can even post a message on your social channels if you choose to go a little quieter than usual.

#3: Have Essential Documents Organised

Organization prevents stress. It’s a good rule of thumb to have your key processes documented and passwords securely stored so the preparation for handoff is a breeze.

And while working in social media can feel like a 24/7 demand, having an “in case of emergency” document with essential processes can make it easy to avoid last-minute hiccups or handoffs.

This can be a simple shared Google doc or better yet, have this available in whatever project management tool you or your team uses for easy access.

#4: Set Expectations With Your Team (or Clients)

Set clear expectations for when you’re away — and give your team or clients plenty of notice. Be firm on when you’ll be unavailable and note any changes they should expect while you’re away.

There’s no need to apologize or feel guilty, either. Healthy work boundaries should allow for a little space to recharge and come back with your creative juices charged. Plus, time away can increase long-term motivation and productivity in the workplace.

#5: Unplug and Delete Social or Work-related Apps

We get it — this is a tough one, but it works wonders for your mental health.

But if you really want to switch off and recharge, delete all social media or work-related apps from your mobile.

Taking the apps off your phone removes any temptation for scrolling and unconsciously checking-in.

If you’re on a staycation and don’t want to give up sharing your downtime highlights on Instagram, stick to deleting your communication-based apps like email and Slack.

You can easily reinstall the apps once you’re ready to log back into work mode!

And if you can’t completely check out from work, set a designated time once a day to check your accounts or emails and firmly stick to that window of time.

You can even set an alarm or use a tool like the Pomodoro timer to allow yourself just 20 minutes of “checking in” while you’re on vacation. Then when that alarm goes off, it’s time to power down and get back to the relaxation you deserve!

Tip: Set up quick replies on Instagram for a mini OOO message, then flag the message to respond to it when you come back.

#6: Schedule Touch-base Meetings After You Return

Before you take your well-earned vacation, make sure to schedule touch-base meetings with your team members or clients for after you return.

This gives you a chance to catch up on what you might have missed to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Just be sure you don’t schedule them all the morning after you return — give yourself a little time to ease back into your workflow.

#7: Save Social Sharing for *After* Your Vacation

You might have sensed a theme here, but truly unplugging from social media is the only way to get a genuine rest. Not to mention the pressure to share on social media takes you out of the moment.

Go ahead and snap the picture, but wait until you’re back from break so you can stay present rather than stressing about what filter to use.

Once your vacation is over and you’ve settled back into your work, you might want to take some time to reflect on what things can be improved before your next vacation and take note to implement them before the next time.

Remember that you can’t excel at your job if you’re constantly burned out — and even though it might feel impossible to take a vacation sometimes, the first step is recognizing that you deserve a break and then taking the steps necessary to plan for a proper, stress-free vacation.

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