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Article The Evolution of Innovative Marketing

We thought it would be fun to share the Evolution of Innovative Marketing with you. Where we came from and how we got here!

Where are our manners? Let’s introduce ourselves first!

Judd and (myself) Claudia Sherrin are the husband and wife team behind our company. Judd studied business management and I completed  Fashion Design and Marketing at Design School SA (now known as VEGA) in Johannesburg.

Starting out as very young entrepreneurs, we sold pet products while running a very successful animal charity organisation, Helping Hands SA. Through this and many charity events we hosted, we were invited as The Herbal Pet‘s guests to WODAC, World of Dogs and Cats Pet Expo in 2011. Being the animal lovers that we are, this was such an exciting time for us!

At the show, we met with the team who were bringing Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer’s magazine for the first time ever to South Africa! We were then hired to manage the sales and marketing for the title. The magazine (now renamed Canine Zone Magazine) went incredibly well and we learned so much.


Thereafter we moved to Panorama Media Corp, where we worked on a stable of magazines and learned so much about the online world paired together with corporate marketing strategies.

Having moved to the South Coast in KZN at this stage, it was time for us to branch off on our own. And that is when Innovative Marketing was born in December 2014.

Working with big companies such as Wild 5 Adventures, Randburg Midas, South Coast Tourism, South Coast Bike Fest and so many more, we have been extremely grateful for the trust these business owners have given us (apologies if you have not been mentioned).


Focusing currently on the hospitality sector, which is where our expertise falls, it was this year in 2019 that our dream became a reality. The show we attended that started our whirlwind of marketing fun, had now become our very own client, WODAC!

We continue to grow as we constantly attend worldwide seminars within our field, and keep growing our knowledge. We have obtained fantastic partners that we work with, to ensure we can provide our clients with everything they require. Our clientele has been with us for many years and we really love marketing them and giving them worldwide exposure through everything we have learned.

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our journey. It truly has been an exciting one! Without you, none of this would ever have been possible, and we cannot thank you enough!

Join our circle of trust today, and allow us the opportunity to work with you!


Innovative Marketing is a complete digital marketing turnkey solution with the added benefits of graphic design, photography, videography, website development and customized branding services.

We populate & manage the online community with your business’ brand identity for you. All in an effort to develop and monitor your business’ success and growth by keeping you in front of mind in the consumer’s markets.

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