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More than 12,000 pet lovers came together for the purrr-fect weekend with over 400 dogs, 100 cats & more!

After a three-year hiatus the PetExpo – previously named WODAC – finally returned with a bang in a new venue at Montecasino this past weekend. With over 400 dogs and over 130 cats this PetExpo was the not-to-be-missed Pet Event of the Year!

The beautiful weather had tails wagging and the event got off to a fantastic start with the exhilarating SA Dog Jumping Championships.  A dynamic event that captivated the thousands of spectators where dogs attempted complicated obstacle courses in record times. For the more leisurely visitors they could meander through the Meet The Breed section where they learn more about loved and interesting dog breeds including the Irish Wolfhounds, Australian Shepherds, Pointers, Greyhounds and Neapolitan Mastiffs.

While the event had non-stop dog activity in the Bob Martin Main Arena and the 4 smaller arenas, no pet event would be complete without the awesome Bravecto & Nutribyte Cat Exhibit.  With over 130 cats on show, spectators were able to admire a huge variety of beautiful felines all the way from the hairless Sphynx to the substantial Norwegian Forest Cat.

Finally, the Exotics and Reptiles Exhibit gave pet lovers the opportunity to interact with some more unusual pets including the bearded dragon, tarantulas, chinchillas and even snakes!  Spectacular macaws and parrots were on parade to the delighted fans at the well-known rescue organisation, Brainy Birds.   There was even a Koi Medic available to educate attendees on this beautiful fish and ponds full of the most colourful and unique koi to be spotted!

Touted as the Biggest Pet Event in Africa, PetExpo had tons of fantastic stalls where you could shop until you dropped, with everything you could think of for fur babies at home including CBD-infused products, raw food options, subsonic toys and everything in-between.

The two-day programme saw the absolute best dogs in Africa compete to be top dog in a number of thrilling contests including The SA Dog Jumping Championships, PetExpo & Montego Top 40 Premium Invitational, Two Best in Show Finals, Weaving Pole Challenge, Junior Handling Challenge and the adorable Bob Martin & PetExpo Puppy Challenge. With judges flown in from all around the world, including Jari Partanen – Norway, Rony Doedijns – Netherlands, Attila Czegledi – Hungary and Myrna Shiboleth – Israel. The dogs were competing at a truly International Standard.

But it wasn’t all serious competition attendees were treated to a huge range of delightful demonstrations including Dog Dancing, Canine Yoga, Horse Gymnastics, Snake Handling and Dog Carting.

We were delighted to see the members of the public return to a much-anticipated highlight on the pet-lovers event calendar. Despite early COVID regulations impeding the initial planning and execution of PetExpo, we were ecstatic that we were able to cordially welcome everyone! We are already planning PetExpo 2023 which we promise will be an even more illustrious event!‘ says PetExpo Director, Louis Kruger.

KUSA Dog Show Winners

KUSA Dog Show Winners

Montego & PetExpo Top 40 Premium Invitational Winner – Grand Champion & Champion: Seasyde Sunset Strip at Whitesquall (Import USA) – Pointer (Owner – Louis Kruger & Lucy Young)

PetExpo/Western Gauteng Kennel Club – Best in Show Winner: Whitesquall Seasyde Oliviero – Pointer (Owner – Lucy Young)

PetExpo & Bob Martin Puppy Challenge Winner: Achante Breaking New Ground at Strathaven – Australian Shepherd Dog (Owner – Natasha Baxter)

PetExpo/Orion Kennel Club – Best in Show Winner: Whitesquall Seasyde Oliviero – Pointer (Owner Lucy Young)

Cat enthusiasts enjoyed magnificent cat shows; on-hand experts answered a variety of feline-related questions and of course, all that shopping.

Top 12 Cats on Show

Top 12 Cats on Show

Overall Winner: Garibaldi Renaldo of Feline Magic – British Shorthair Blue Self Male (Owner – Fatima Bala)

2nd Place: Rock’n Purr Rebel Yell – Exotic Black Tortoiseshell Silver Smoke Female (Owner – Lynelle van Aarde

3rd Place: ChaCha Jupiter of Tres Jolie – Exotic Orange-eyed White self Kitten (Owner – Charmaine Danziger)

4th Place: Crescendo Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Norwegian Forest Cat Black Tortoiseshell Harlequin Neuter (Owner – Helen Long)

5th Place: GeeDee Easy on the Eye – Norwegian Forest Cat Black Mackerel Tabby Bicolour Female (Owner – Athylle Caw)

6th Place: Tintagel Queen’s Gambit – Persian Red Pointed Male (Owner – Ingrid Van Wyk)

The increasing popularity in reptiles and exotics as pets in recent years meant that a dedicated team of experts were present to answer questions pertaining to the special skills, needs, diet and habitats required for this pet category.  From exotics, snakes, lizzards, birds, Koi, and more!

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