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Article The Ultimate Birthday Treat

We can proudly say we have created the ultimate birthday treat for your fur kids!

Well, it does not need to be your pet’s birthday to get this treat! We think every day with a doggie is worth celebrating!

Ok, let’s break this PAW-some treat down!

This is a Vienna-infused muffin with a secret surprise hard-boiled egg centre! The muffin is topped and smothered with homemade apple and cinnamon sauce and then sprinkled with biltong powder!

Yes, we have also eaten these treats and they are truly incredible!

Move over Gordon Ramsay there is a new MASTER chef in town and his name is Good Dog Co.

As everything is handmade, we can accommodate any of your fur babies’ dietary requirements and preferences!

TCs Candle not included.

If you are thinking about ADOPTING A DOG and are wondering what type of dog breed to get, we want to stress popularity shouldn’t be the deciding factor!

Don’t forget if you want to spoil your furry friend, there is nothing better than our homemade canine meals!

Please view visit our PAW-some Facebook page to read more about the homemade and nutrient-rich human-grade canine meals!

At the Good Dog Co. we have partnered with local farmers who supply fresh meat & vegetables for our canine meals. Using only human-grade ingredients we cook in small batches in our family-run kitchen. Cooked at a low temperature to minimise caramelisation and carcinogens. We lightly steam our vegetables to retain maximum flavour and nutritional content within every tasty dish!

Free delivery around Linden, JHB. Alternatively, you can collect.

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