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Welcome to the GET LIT side of life!

Get Lit is a 100% organic, delicious handcrafted proudly South African speciality HOT SAUCE company! That offers a flavour-packed unique selection of mouth-watering sauces that you won’t find anywhere else!

If you love hot sauce, family-run businesses, supporting local and great flavour then look no further.

When you support Get Lit, you are not only helping a small local business succeed, you are helping us achieve our dream of becoming a household name in South Africa!

500ml - R100 | 250ml - R60 | 125ml - R35


Malagueta Chili, Pineapple, Onion, Carrot, Garlic, Vinegar, Canola Oil, Aqua, Herbs, Spices, Salt & Xanthan Gum.


Hot sauce flows in our veins and has been a key ingredient in our family for generations! Our tantalising recipe was slowly developed and progressed to what we know it to be today. With lots of persuasion by friends and family, we started to create the sauces not only for them but for the public at large! It’s just too GOOD to keep all to ourselves!  Even though this was a big transition, we pride ourselves on keeping the integrity of the recipe and NOT including any artificial preservatives, chemicals, colouring or any of that other nonsense you find in those other commercial sauces!


Unlike a lot of other sauces on the market, Get Lit is made with the finest ingredients!

Each batch of organically grown and handpicked chillies undergo a slow and meticulous 6-month fermentation process. Ensuring no artificial flavourings or preservatives are needed. This time-consuming process also allows for the subtle flavours and intricacies of the chillies and other ingredients to truly develop, resulting in a unique and unmatched flavour profile!

Only 10-litres of sauce is made per batch which ends up being only 40 X 250ml bottles per year!

So if you manage to grab yourself one of these bottles you are very lucky indeed.

At Get Lit we are exceptionally proud to only use fresh locally sourced 100% organic ingredients. Each 10-litre batch is stirred twice a day for consistency and helps encourage the smooth aromatic flavours.  It's these extra steps that is the secret to our incredible sauce!


All-natural and no artificial preservatives

Vegan and ethically sourced

No added chemical extracts

A handcrafted 100-year-old recipe

A 6-month naturally fermented product

To support a socially responsible company

Access to a limited small batch sauce


Unlike other peri-peri and commercial hot sauces that are popping up in every supermarket, Get Lit is considered as the ‘cognac’ in the hot sauce community. Get Lit is extremely popular and is causing a heatwave amongst hot sauce lovers around the country!

Rather than some other sauces, you may find where the name of the game is to ‘to get rich of an inferior product’, Get lit provides you with sauces that pair well and enhance the flavour of your meal.


The motto at Get Lit is ‘Real Ingredients, Real Change’ and being the animal fanatics we are, we believe that we have to do everything we can to help support local no-kill animal shelters!

With that in mind, we started our epic ‘Giving Back’ initiative. For every 40 bottles of Get Lit hot sauce sold, we sponsor the wellbeing and feeding of a needy dog at a no-kill shelter for a month!

So every time you buy a bottle of Get Lit, you are not only supporting our dream but also helping a homeless animal who can speak for itself!

So what are you still doing reading this? ORDER your Get Lit hot sauce today and join our exclusive community of hot sauce connoisseurs!

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