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We are extremely excited to let you know about CUTTING-EDGE software which enables a NEW Instagram feature!

As we are sure you are aware, Instagram does not allow the posting in links (well, for now at least)! This has posed a challenge, as redirecting a visitor to additional information on your website or other platforms has not been possible!

We are using the feature of adding a link into the page’s bio, but this is VERY LIMITING as it can only redirect your visitor to one place, which is generally the website.

With the new software that we have acquired, we are now able to place a MODIFIED LINK that takes the visitor to an entire ‘catalogue’ of options of where they can be re-directed!

Best of all is that the software is part of Instagram’s best business practice and within their algorithms!

We have control of the look and feel of the page as well as the option of where to re-direct the visitors. For example, we could have an option for your specials or to a newsletter signup, or specific products or individual services.

Here is a sample of one of our clients that have optioned for the new software upgrade that we did for them!

Instagram Page

If you click on the LINK in their bio you will be directed to their NEW BIO PAGE!

As you can see this allows us to feature multiple options, so we can provide visitors and potential clients direct access to what they are looking for which will increase your sales!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature.

If you are interested and would like to go ahead please get in touch with us for pricing and options.

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