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Guns Galore – Website Proposal


Software: WordPress / WooCommerce

Website Development

In this proposal, you’ll find specific details of how we can create a website that achieves your goals as per the brief supplied.

Our breakdown is based on all content (such as wording for the various sections) and beautiful high res images being supplied by yourself. Should you require a photographer for images (original images are always better than stock images) or a copywriter for content, this can be arranged at an additional fee.

As you mentioned your current domain is being hosted by someone else. We would definitely be able to assist you with our hosting server as well as our hosting management. If you go ahead then we can manage your hosting + website all under one roof. This is highly suggested, as part of our hosting management service includes ensuring all the plugins are up-to-date, and that the website is backed up every 24-hours. We also follow all government policies such as the recent POPIA ACT and the site’s terms of use would be updated accordingly. Should you encounter any email issues, you also contact us directly, and not a call centre. So everything web-related is kept in one neat little package, and you have one point of contact.

We have the pleasure of detailing what we have researched and the options we propose below:

Project Requirements

The requirements provided for the website are - CLIENT OBJECTIVES Short-term goal: Create a modern engaging 3-page e-commerce website with a blog that has been optimized for SEO. Long-term goal: Implement a social media marketing strategy. OUR SUGGESTION IS TO INITIALLY SET UP THE SITE IN AN E-COMMERCE FORMAT TO ALLOW FOR UPDATES WHEN YOU ARE READY. But this is budget dependent.


We will add the website content as supplied.


Source generic images to enhance the goals of the website and appeal to the target audience. Any specific image requirements may incur additional fees (e.g. images of specific products you wish to sell).


We will make sure that the website looks good at all common screen sizes. Each view may not be identical but will be tweaked to enhance the appearance of the website from that viewpoint.


We will ensure that the website is developed for optimal speed and loading time, this includes the optimisation of all supplied images and graphics.


We will make sure that your website conforms to all SEO standards and provide basic initial on-page SEO.


We will connect the site to google analytics and add any other required verifications on launch. Please note that any verifications other than google analytics need to be supplied before launch. Verifications after launch may incur additional fees.


We will continue to provide support, updates and tweaks to the website for up to 30 days post-launch.


It does not include creating the content and keeping them updated. Should you require a fee for monthly online/social media marketing, please let us know. We would love to send through our marketing packages and continue working with you on these very exciting projects.

Our Solution

• Short term goal, 3-page e-commerce website with up to 20 items, anything additional thereafter would be added by yourself or quoted on additionally. + Blog: Homepage / Shop / Contact Us (these page titles are just suggestions) • Long term goal, Setup and implement a Social Media Marketing Strategy. You could also opt for a simpler one-pager, depending on your budget. For more info on our website packages please visit


Homepage / Shop / Contact Us


Up to 5 blog categories (this can be discussed in more detail) Content to be supplied


Here is the list of proposed tasks for your project: ● Development of the website as described above ● We will ensure the website looks good on all devices ● Basic on-page SEO (meta-tags, titles and alt tags) will be added to your website and we ensure that it is searchable and readable by google. ● We will install google analytics and submit the website to the google search console. ● A security plugin and backup system will be implemented to keep your website secure and backed up ● We will create custom video tutorials that will guide you through updating your website so you can make changes to the content whenever you want. These will sit inside the backend of your website so they are always available to you. ● We will take speed and optimisation into consideration throughout the build and will optimise the website for speed to the best of our ability based on the designs you provide.


HOSTING - We can provide hosting at R199 per month and domain registration at R150 per annum ( and R250 per annum (.com) per domain.


The Next Steps - Website development

This proposed solution and pricing are available until 10/11/2021. The next steps in proceeding with the project are to: ● Accept the proposal as-is, accept certain portions or request revisions to specific portions of the proposal ● Finalise the proposal, complete our account application form and sign the contract ● Submit an initial payment of 25% of the project fee to get started on your project ● Begin preparing all website content and send no later than five working days prior to our start date. The current start date will be finalised upon receipt of the contract and initial invoice. We may be able to begin sooner based on changing work schedules but will advise accordingly. The current project timeline is 4 to 6 weeks, we will send updates and links to pages for viewing and feedback throughout the build.

Estimated Timeline:

4-6 Weeks

Submit an initial payment of 25% of the first project fee to secure your space
7 Days after receiving invoice
You are required to begin preparing all website content and send it to us
5 Days before the start of the project
50% Deposit payment to get started on your project
Due before the start of the project
Final 25% payment paid
balance before the website goes live OR 60 days after the project start date whichever comes first.


The cost for the development of this website will be R20,669. This is payable in 3 instalments. Recurring fees (if we host your website) Domain @R150 per annum ( and R250 per annum (.com) Monthly Hosting Fee @R199 per month (you are currently signed up)

3 Page website
Directory (for e-commerce) set up
E-commerce development (up to 20 items)

Total: 20669

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This proposal doesn’t serve as a binding contract between us. Once the initial invoice has been paid and the contract has been signed, elements must be sent no later than one week before the scheduled start date. This is to make sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible. All communication during the project will take place via email. It is incredibly important that the project moves along smoothly, so please be prepared to respond and supply feedback in a timely manner. If we encounter communication dilemas, the project is subject to be terminated without refund.