Personal Systems Website 2021

Proposal presented by: Innovative Marketing SA®

Personal Systems Website Proposal


Software: WordPress

Website Development

Thank you for requesting a proposal for your WordPress website. We have the pleasure of detailing what we have researched and the options we propose below:

Project Requirements

The requirements provided for the website are - Move all existing information as per below: - Home - Reviews - FAQ - Services Microsoft 365 Business Microsoft 365 Solutions - Contact Us - Remote Support


We will add the website content as per current site


Source generic images to enhance the goals of the website and appeal to the target audience. Any specific image requirements may incur additional fees (e.g. images of specific machinery or procedures).


Source generic images to enhance the goals of the website and appeal to the target audience. Any specific image requirements may incur additional fees (e.g. images of specific machinery or procedures)


We will ensure that the website is developed for optimal speed and loading time, this includes the optimisation of all supplied images and graphics.


We will make sure that your website conforms to all SEO standards and provide basic initial on-page SEO.


We will add links to social media profiles and can include social feeds if needed.


We will connect the site to google analytics and add any other required verifications on launch. Please note that any verifications other than google analytics need to be supplied before launch. Verifications after launch may incur additional fees.


We will continue to provide support, updates and tweaks to the website for up to 30 days post-launch.

Our Solution

WEBSITE: We will develop a single-page website structure as done with Wifi My Home

LANDING PAGE WEBSITE (price breakdown under costs below)

Sections will be linked to from the top navigation bar so that the user can automatically scroll to that section.

The Next Steps - Website development

This proposed solution and pricing are available until 30/11/2020. The next steps in proceeding with the project are to: Accept the proposal as-is, accept certain portions or request revisions to specific portions of the proposal Finalize the proposal, sign the contract, and begin the questionnaire

Estimated Timeline:

4-6 Weeks

Submit an initial payment of 25% of the first project fee to secure your space
7 Days after receiving invoice
You are required to begin preparing all website content and send it to us
7 Days before the start of the project
50% Deposit payment to get started on your project
Due before the start of the project
Final 25% payment paid
balance before the website goes live OR 60 days after the project start date whichever comes first.


The cost for the development of this website will be R 8,250.00 This is payable in 3 instalments. Recurring fees are as follows: Domain Purchase @R150 per annum (maintained by yourself) Monthly Hosting Fee @R199 per month (maintained by yourself) Please refer to for the pricing breakdown.


Total: 8250

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

This proposal has already been approved!

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This proposal doesn’t serve as a binding contract between us. Once the initial invoice has been paid and the contract has been signed, elements must be sent no later than one week before the scheduled start date. This is to make sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible. All communication during the project will take place via email. It is incredibly important that the project moves along smoothly, so please be prepared to respond and supply feedback in a timely manner. If we encounter communication dilemas, the project is subject to be terminated without refund.