Testimonial Solterra KZN

It went well for the first month or so and then I realised this is stagnating. The ideas in my head were gone and the time to design and write new posts has tripled. I soon realised that I was all alone in this huge world of social media. Things were just happening around me and I found myself sitting on the side-line again.

I started looking at companies who do this type of work and found lots. I starting setting up meetings and even had people from other provinces trying to sell me their product but couldn’t find what I was looking for. At that time I just needed someone who fully understand the social media advertising space and help me to gain business from that.

So I found Judd and Claudia and in our first meeting, I was hugely impressed with the positive bubbling attitudes and a clear passion for what they are doing. They had it all figured out and what was more impressive is that they made it clear that it’s not going to happen overnight. I could relate to that since I’ve tried before for a short period and went backwards.

I’t a long term strategy to become visible online. I was again impressed with this because nobody else told me this.

In the first two months with Innovative Marketing, I learned so much about social media and there were so many hours of hard work they put in.

I can honestly say that they are brilliant in what they do and with their long term plan to take my company to the next level, I just thought, why did I leave this for so long without acting.

They sell you a working solution and their customer service is great. Jan Landsberg – Solterra KZN.

“Don’t just partner with any digital marketing agency.
Work with a company you can trust.”