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Allow us the opportunity to work with your business from conception to the final product. That includes all of your branding from apparel, gifts, headwear and so much more!

Promotional Products cover a diverse range of items that are predominantly categorised into Apparel, Gifts and Headwear.

By branding these physical items with a unique logo or message an advertiser creates a powerful marketing tool that is engaging for the consumer on many levels. This form of advertising creates a memorable customer experience and delivers a high rate of brand awareness and recall among consumers.

Why choose us?

Our site has been designed to provide the leading online catalogue of Promotional Products in Africa. The site contains an extensive range of Apparel, Gifting and Headwear.

With over 3000 unique items you are guaranteed to find the perfect product to connect your brand to your customer.


Promotional Products are brought to life through the creative use of branding. Combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional branding expertise, a creative flair and unparalleled service - the possibilities are infinite.

Offering a choice of 18 branding techniques, customers are able to combine multiple methods and locations on the same item, projecting the
exact image and message for their brands no matter the campaign.

Proudly South African with an Italian flair, we are constantly striving to improve by introducing new variations in style, fabrication, colour and silhouettes to keep us and our clients up to date with the latest trends. We are excited to move with you by our side.

“Don’t just partner with any digital marketing agency.
Work with a company you can trust.”